27 Temporary Fencing Ideas for Any Purpose

Sometimes we need a temporary fence that can’t cost too much, because we have long term plans like building an actual wall. The design of the cheaper one is just to keep people from climbing over it and stealing our stuff; but eventually a company will make something pretty fancy and big enough for regular old humans as well.

We’ve made a list of 8 fences that are only temporary, but have an affordable price tag. They’re great for those looking to add some privacy in their backyard without breaking the bank!

Portable Temporary Fence

This temporary fence is so easy to move around that you could even use it as a movable barrier between your pool and garden, or on the edge of two gardens. It also has an adjustable height which means kids can play all day without worry!

Black Temporary Fence

The best thing about the fence is that they are so versatile. Since you can create your own design, it’s like giving yourself a new figure at will!

Temporary Fence for Quarantine

If any of your pets is sick and has the potential to infect other animals, it should be separated for a few days. They will need special care until they recover from the disease, so temporary fencing can help keep them in quarantine while you work on getting them better.

Temporary Fence to Secure the Area

When renovating or cleaning an area, it is crucial that the process not be interrupted. A temporary fence would help to ensure this. One example of a renovation project requiring a temporary fence might be when one wants to clean out and refit their swimming pool. We have also reviewed fencing for pools in our blog!

Mini Farm Temporary Fence

There are many benefits that can be derived from farming. One great way to start is by using a small plot of land and putting up temporary fences, while paying attention to how long your hobby will last before making the decision on whether or not it’s worth investing in as an occupation for you.

Temporary Fence Twigs

If you already have lots of tree branches in your backyard and need a temporary fence, just learn how to make wicker from twigs! You’ll be able to do so with ease even though it is only the first step for making this beautiful yet strong material.

Pool Temporary Fence

The temporary fencing for the pool makes it safer and cleaner from animals. The fence prevents unwanted visitors, such as snakes or squirrels, to damage the water in your swimming pool by their droppings. This is a popular choice of protection since you can’t always find animals that will stay out on their own accord like ducks do!

Temporary Corrugated Fence

It’s no secret that many people want to protect their land and privacy. They need something strong, durable, but not too expensive or obvious. There are plenty of options out there for this type of fence from corrugated fencing made with different materials like aluminum and PVC.


People use temporary fencing for several purposes. They usually use it to protect a new flowerbed or keep children and pets out of the vegetable garden. Whatever your purpose is, these 27 temporary fencing ideas will be your safe bet.

1. Vinyl Mesh Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing cairns

Vinyl is lightweight. Therefore, many people use it in place of wire mesh that tends to be heavier. Besides, a vinyl mesh is easy to install.

This temporary fence is perfect for keeping your pets stay in their area. Any kind of pets like cats, rabbits, chickens, or even dogs can use it.

However, you do need to add the height if you have to deal with dogs because some of them are good at jumping over the fence. If you are going to add the height, you just need some other vinyl mesh and secure it with cable ties.’

2. Wooden Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing clamps deck

Growing new plants in the backyard is such a great idea because it can improve your backyard landscaping. However, your pets or kids may ruin it and make the plants fail to grow. For that reason, you need a temporary fence like this one.

This wooden temporary fence is a perfect choice as it will keep your kids and pets stay away from the new growth. The picket fence comes in its natural finish, which makes it look rustic.

3. Modular Temporary Fencing for Pets

temporary fencing dog run

This modular fence is a great choice for your temporary fencing. It is lightweight, so you can move it wherever you like.

The good thing of this fence is you can use it for both outdoor and indoor purposes. You can arrange the panels to form a square so that your pets will stay in where they should be.

4. Lattice Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing guidelines

Do you enjoy relaxing in the patio in the afternoon, but hate of neighbors or passersby watching? You can install this lattice temporary fence.

This lattice fence covers the patio well and gives you a little bit of privacy. Torches make the fence look epic. If you want to get more privacy, you can train vines like ivy or jasmine to climb up the fence.

5. Retractable Wooden Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing parts portable

Whether you want to protect your beautiful flowers from kids or you just want to decorate your deck, this retractable temporary fence is your greatest bet.

Like many other temporary fences, this one is lightweight, which makes it easy to lift and move it to another place. You can adjust it easily, thanks to the X design that allows you to do it.

6. DIY Foldable Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing diy

Sometimes you do need some privacy when relaxing in the porch, balcony, or backyard. You might be thinking about making a fence. Nevertheless, you do not want to install it permanently as it can make your porch become more crammed.

This foldable privacy screen can be the best solution for your problem. It is lightweight and foldable so that you can store it easily when you are not using it.

You can find it in the store near you. However, you can also make it yourself to personalize it. All you need to do is just making some frames and adding fabrics inside them. Assemble the frames using hinges that make it a foldable privacy screen.

7. White Temporary Fencing with Rounded Edge

White Temporary Deck Fencing

A white finish of this fence panel makes it suitable for any style, especially modern farmhouse style or traditional American houses.

The compact size and the lightness makes it perfect for many kinds of purposes, such as blocking the driveway, protecting your new lawn, or simply decorating the garden.

8. Pallet Temporary Fence Ideas

temporary fencing construction

The versatility of wooden pallets enables you to explore your creativity as well as your skills because you can turn them into anything you want like bed frames, chairs, shelves, you name it!

You can even make this temporary fence out of pallets. Just assemble the pallets using screws, and you all set. You can also add wrought-iron hinges that allow the fence to open easily while adding a little bit of rustic look.

9. Temporary Fencing for a Special Event

temporary fencing cape town for even

If you are a trader that is going to sell or exhibit goods in an exhibition, consider making temporary fence. Since you will make the fence surrounds your stall, the fence has to be attractive. It does not to be pricey and sophisticated, though.

This white fence can be suitable for this situation. It features simple design because it is just a white picket fence. Without overwhelming it, this white fence can define the stall clearly.

The front part of the fence remains open so that customers and potential buyers can stop by easily.

10. Mesh Panel Portable Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing barriers

A construction site or factory can be dangerous sometimes. Many big and heavy objects are prone to causing an accident. Therefore, keeping people stay away from these objects is crucial.

To minimize the risk of getting accident, try installing portable mesh panels around the heavy objects in the construction site or factory. These panels will create a fence that keeps people away from the objects.

11. Lightweight Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing kit

The point of making a temporary fence is to keep a certain area safe without breaking a sweat.\

Therefore, you can make a temporary fence out of anything around your house like wire or thread ─ the leftover from your previous project. One thing for sure, it has to be lightweight so you can remove it easily when you do not need it any longer.

This temporary fence may not as sturdy as picket or pallet fences. Nevertheless, it does in a pinch. You can use thread and stick for a more simple and affordable option.

12. Temporary Fencing for Vegetable Garden

temporary vinyl fence gate plant

Do not let rabbits and deer ruin your vegetable garden. Let the vegetables thrive well. Thus, you need a fence that surrounds your garden.

Actually, a permanent fence made of pallets is a better choice. However, if you think it is arduous, opt for wood and wire mesh. Do not forget to make a door for the easy access.

13. Wood and Wire Mesh Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing hunter valley

This is another easy-to-make temporary fence. It is similar to the previous one, but it is tidier.

The first thing you need to do is making the raised bed. Install wooden posts around the raised bed, and wrap wire mesh around the posts. Add a small door with lock and hinges to round out it.

14. Indoor Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fence indoor for pet

Apparently, people need temporary fence for not only outdoor but also indoor. When it comes to indoor, people usually use temporary fence as a barrier, so kids or pets cannot go to a certain area.

This white fence, for example, makes a great barrier that prevents pets from getting any closer to the kitchen. The vertical design makes it hard for your cats or dogs to climb. It also has a small door that gives your cat an easy access.

15. Portable Indoor Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fencing at home depot

This fence is extremely easy to install. You do not even have any special skills to install it because you do not need nails, screws, or hammers.

This white fence is portable and lightweight. It even features a handle that enables you to lift and move it easily.

This fence is suitable for a tunnel-like area like a corridor. Just put it at the end of your corridor so that you kittens or crawling baby cannot be out of your sight.

16. Easy-to-Make Temporary Fencing for Babies

temporary fencing brackets for babies

Letting your baby play comfortably is good for his development and milestones. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to let him play by himself, except you make a fence or playpen that will keep him where he should be.

Instead of investing in an expensive playpen, why don't you make one yourself? All you need to do is just getting PVC pipes, net, and zip ties.

17. Wood Dog Fence Panel

temporary fencing for hire pet

These fence panels are good to make sure that your dog will not go anywhere. The panels have hinges that allow you to adjust the fence’s length or fold it when you do not need it anymore.

18. Wire Temporary Fencing Ideas for Dogs

temporary fencing hire cost for dog

Your dogs need to be in the outside sometimes. Let him feel the fresh air in a warm sunny day. What makes you feel reluctant to put him outside is because you do not want him to run away. If that is the case, consider investing in a temporary fence.

The black wire makes this temporary fence sturdy enough to keep your dog. It is foldable, making it easy to store in a closet.

19. Bamboo Temporary Fencing Ideas

DIY Bamboo Temporary Fencing

Besides making fences from pallets and wire mesh, you can also make a fence out of bamboos. Bamboo fencing will not only give you privacy but also lend tropical charm to the space.

This bamboo fence is easy to make. You only need to make a frame from bamboos or wood, then line up some bamboos to fill in the frame. Drive nails to secure them.

20. Easy Mobile PVC Fencing

temporary fencing warehouse

With only three strips of PVCs, this temporary fence is lightweight and easy to move. The crisp white finish and clean-lined design make this fence suitable for modern houses.

21. Temporary Fencing with Noise Dampening System

temporary fencing hire cape town

You can find irritating noise at the construction site, which can be annoying sometimes. Try building a temporary fence that features noise-dampening system.

This fence is easy and quick to erect as it comes in a series of panels. The UV resistant acoustic curtains will alleviate the noise in any noisy work area very well. Now, you can say good-bye to the deafening noise.

22. Red Plastic Temporary Fence

temporary fencing play yard

People use plastic fences for various purposes. They look like wire mesh, but they are plastic, which makes them very light and easy to install.

This orange plastic fence is perfect in a construction site. It cannot alleviate the noise, but it can conceal the materials. The vivid red color will make people alert so that they can notice this fence instantly.

23. Black Temporary Fencing with Small Wheels

temporary fencing hire cranbourne

Most temporary fences are lightweight. Nevertheless, some are a little bit heavy depending on the materials.

This welded metal mesh fence is a little bit heavier than many other temporary fences. However, the small wheels allow this fence to glide easily, so the heaviness does not really matter anymore.

This fence comes in black finish, making it look elegant.

24. Plastic Mesh Temporary Fencing

temporary fence hire orange

This is another brilliant idea that you can use with plastic mesh. If the utility pole near your house is damaged, you have to keep everyone away from it as it might cause electrocute.

To make sure that no one will come any closer to the pole, you can surround it with a temporary fence.

Plastic mesh can be your top-notch choice to do this mission. Just set some wooden sticks as the posts around the pole, and then wrap plastic mesh around the posts. Make sure the plastic mesh comes in bright colors so that it is noticeable.

25. Green Plastic Temporary Fencing Ideas

temporary fence hire tfh

This is another use of plastic mesh fence. Besides concealing the construction site and damaged utility pole, you can also use plastic mesh fence to protect your plants from animals like chickens and ducks.

This green plastic mesh shows how it works. Since it comes in green, it blends perfectly with the plants. Don’t they look like they are united?

26. Retractable Temporary Fencing for Stairs

temporary fencing gumtree perth temporary fencing gate panel

Stairway is the most enjoyable and dangerous playground for toddlers. Their inquisitive behavior leads them to get closer to the stairway, which can make them get an accident.

Try investing in a retractable fence for the peace of mind. Simply put the fence in front of the first step of the stairway, and you are good to go.

Those are 27 temporary fencing ideas that you can copy. They are easy to make, yet effective in a certain occasion.