24 Stunning Backyard Koi Pond Ideas You can Steal

Are you looking for a way to represent the Zen at your home? One of the many ways you can try is to build a backyard koi pond. A koi pond is usually a large tank or place where koi fish swims in.

The presence of a koi pond in the backyard can enliven the space. Many people even believe the Japanese culture that koi fish brings good luck. Regardless of that, adding a water feature like a koi pond can relieve stress.

You can have koi as a low-maintenance pet at home by simply putting the fish in aquarium. However, it is better to place them in a pond so they can swim freely as well as beautifying your backyard.

Thus, here we have served you 24 backyard koi-pond ideas you can steal.

1. Raised Brick Koi Pond

Raised Brick Koi Pond

You can make this most simple koi pond in the backyard. It is pretty much like a narrow pool with some koi swimming in.

You can see the uncovered red bricks, which are the main material that constructs this pond. Some posts stand to support the roof to keep the pond from overflowing when the rain comes.

2. Fish in Tower

Fish in Tower

Are you looking for something cool to add to the pond? This tower koi pond is a necessary try. The tower is in the middle of the pond. It allows the fish to swim up and down as they please.

This feature also makes it easier for you to adore the beauty of their wonderful patterns. Sitting next to the pool and watching them swimming up and down the tower will be a relaxing activity after a tiring day.

3. Waterfall Koi Pond

Waterfall Koi Pond

Many people believe that the sound of flowing water can reduce stress and anxiety, so you probably want to add a koi pond with a waterfall feature in the yard.

Waterfalls create a relaxing sound and provide oxygen for the fish. It flows from a higher stone to the lower one and ends up in a pond full of koi. Small red corals and different kinds of plants surround the pond.

4. Suburban Backyard Koi Pond

Suburban Backyard Koi Pond

If you love minimalist design, this rectangular koi pond might inspire you. The pond is in the very corner of the yard with a raised basin, which keeps overflowing.

Different size of river stones in the pond gives a place for the fish to play hide and seek. The thriving grass and other plants show that this place is cool and wet. As the pond is shallow, you need to dig a deeper hole for a big koi fish.

5. Lily Pads and Koi

Lily Pads and Koi

Adding aquatic vegetation in a pond is a good idea to improve the water quality and increase the appeal of the pond. Lily pads can be a quick do-it-yourself to beautify your pond.

Built under the floating path, the pond allows you to see the koi fish swimming when walking along the pathway. Some giant lily pads look big enough for someone to sit on.

6. Koi Pond in Forest

Koi Pond in Forest

Imagine having this koi pond design in your backyard. Whenever you came here, you would feel like totally in a different place. Vegetation surrounds the pond while a tree with dangling branches over the pond offers a cool landscape.

There is a space on the edge where you can sit and interact with the fish, releasing the stress you got from overwhelming activity. This is such a wonderful pond design you should not miss.

7. Natural River for Backyard Koi Pond

Natural River for Backyard Koi Pond

Everything about this koi pond is stunning. A wooden chair near the pond allows you to enjoy chilling out while listening to the sound of water flowing. The water is clean that you can watch the fish swimming around.

Big trees planted at both side of the koi pond will keep the place shaded from the sunlight, while some plants on the edge of the river increase the beauty of the pond.

8. DIY Backyard Koi Pond under Garden

DIY Backyard Koi Pond under Garden

Although you already have a garden in the backyard, you might want to add a small water feature for a more appealing look. A small one is enough, as you can do it yourself.

This koi pond has a small size and semi-circle shape. Some big size rocks cover the rubber liner inside and make the pond look natural.

For the finishing, arrange the flagstones orderly along the pond to hold the liner as well as prevent the water from overflowing.

9. Backyard Koi Pond with Deck

Backyard Koi Pond with Deck

For a second, this looks like three different ponds separated by wood. This is a big pond with a wooden floor above it.

The combination of a wooden floor and koi pond will make your backyard cooler. Add some chairs and a table on the deck, so you can chill out while reading a book or just have me-time with the fish.

10. Backyard Koi Pond with Glass Wall

Backyard Koi Pond with Glass Wall

Small ponds are easier to maintain, so if you are thinking of building a minimalist koi pond, here is a design you should try. You can build this square pond even in the smallest backyard.

The tiles, which frame the pond, go in harmony with the color of pebbles on the ground. Meanwhile, the inserted glass at the front side of the pond allows you to watch the fish. Add a small water fountain in the middle for a more artistic look.

11. Timber Koi Pond

Timber Koi Pond

Seeing a wooden box in the backyard will invite people to come closer and figure out what is in it. Wood is not common for a pond, so you should try it to present an unusual view in the yard.

This pond is over the ground with many coral pebbles around. It is better to build the pond at the place, which receives a little sunlight.

Therefore, when the sunlight hits the pond, the water looks glowing. Not to forget the small plants floating in the pond add a freshening look.

12. Modern Backyard Koi Pond

Modern Backyard Koi Pond

If you are looking for a pond design, which suits your modern home, this one is for you. With the shape of two connected circles, this pond size is large enough to pet many koi fish with different sizes and kinds.

Instead of using a concrete material for the whole pond, this design uses a glass wall at the front side. This adds a more modern feature to it.

13. Classic Rocky Pond

Classic Rocky Pond

If classic is your choice, you can try this rocky pond. It is quite easy to make. After digging a hole, you just need to stack the rocks to create pond walls.

Pay attention to the size and the shape of the rocks. Be sure it will not fall upon your fish. For a more aesthetic look, place waterfall on the corner with plants on the top.

14. Twins Koi Pond

Twins Koi Pond

By using river stones, you can make a do-it-yourself koi pond in the backyard. It looks like a shallow well with a bunch of grass near the waterfall.

This pond consists of a big circle as the main pond and a small one right above it for flowing water. Built between two different textures of ground, the pond unifies the green ground and the rocky land, which makes it unique.

15. Shining Koi Pond

Shining Koi Pond

Most people tend to let their ponds overlooked in the evening, whereas with the right placing of lightening, you will get stunning scenery at night. You can sit next to the pondand watch your favorite fish dancing around the light.

Choose a warm light color and place it right where the water flows. This will add a touch of elegance and beauty and you just cannot stop staring at it. Do not worry your fish might get a shock because underwater lights are safe for them.

16. Watering Pond

Watering Pond

Another way to beautify your pond besides using plants is by adding a fountain. A concrete ledge of the pond provides a perfect place to add a boy-with-hose fountain.

This fountain’s presence of also adds a dramatic effect in the yard. The homeowner gets this pond build in the middle of the garden along with a set of dining table and two long relaxing chairs.

17. Rustic Backyard Koi Pond

Rustic Backyard Koi Pond

This pond is for the people who love to spend their time near the fishpond. Natural stones construct the pond along with a pond light.

The rustic pathway will lead you to this pond. When the night gets colder, set the fire in the fireplace to keep you warm.

18. Backyard Koi Pond On Budget

Backyard Koi Pond On Budget

Are you in a tight budget? It is no problem because you can always find something to repurpose. For instance, you can use an old bathtub as a koi pond.

Place a pot of plant above the pond, so when you water it, the water will fall into the pond and creates the sound of waterfall.

By repurposing, you do not need to spend effort on digging and building, no pond installers as well. However, you need to be creative enough in creating an interesting pond.

19. Mosaic Pond

Mosaic Pond

This minimalist pond has a simple yet enchanting design. There are not many ornaments and no plants. The waterfalls make it different from many ponds.

Four basins on the wall form a series of steps, so you will see four waterfalls in a pond. Another interesting thing is the mosaic tiles, which are a bit uncommon for a pond.

20. Ocean Koi Pond

Ocean Koi Pond

This pond looks like a small ocean with clean blue water, but it is not. The blue tiles in the pond create the illusion of blue water, especially when the sun hits the pond with its light.

Tiny flowers grow around the pond and make it look chic. Rocks are stack in a certain height to support the terracotta to create a beautiful waterfall. Add some koi fish and you will get a mini ocean in the backyard.

21. Natural Koi Pond

Natural Koi Pond

Impress your guests with this fascinating backyard koi pond. You perhaps will need help from a professional, but there is no way your guests will think this is a human-made pond.

Perfect to add a waterfall feature, the structure of the ground allows the water to flow from a higher place. The rocks along the edge of the pond create a realistic feel of a river and strengthen by the gravels.

Without being too much, the plants placed in certain points looks beautiful.

22. 1000 Waterfalls

1000 Waterfalls

Ponds with waterfalls never fail to impress us. The more waterfalls a pond has, the more enchanting it will be. This koi pond is the best example of that kind of pond. The water falls from one rock to another many times, creating the few of 1000 waterfalls.

Beautiful flower grows over the waterfalls making this pond a focal point in the backyard. When the night comes, the lamp across the pond will light this place and you can see the koi fish dancing beautifully.

23. Backyard Koi Pond from Soaking Tub

Backyard Koi Pond from Soaking Tub

If you are fond of everything about Japan, you are probably interested in this backyard koi-pond idea. Instead of natural stones, you can make the pond from a wooden Japanese soaking tub.

Since Japan is well-known for its natural essence, place a bamboo fountain to get better aeration for the fish in the pond. Add aquatic and Japanese koi fish to make your Japanese pond perfect.

24. Backyard Koi Pond with Decking

Backyard Koi Pond with Decking

If a pond’s ledger is usually made of concrete or stone, this backyard koi pond’s is made of the beam. It features exotic decking and gentle waterfall, which provides you a serene place to relax.

Lily pads thrive in the pond and add a little greenery among the dark color of the beam and pebbles. A seat from the rough stone also completed the area, just in case you need time to relax for a while.

Those are 24 stunning backyard koi pond ideas you can steal that can make your backyard appear appealing. Having a backyard koi pond is not about how big the pond you can make but how well you can keep their ecosystem. So which design of koi pond will you give a go?

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