20+ Easy to Create Cactus Garden Ideas You Should Not Ignore

Talking about gardening, not all people like to have a tropical garden style. Some of them like to have a different style, such as creating a unique and vibrant cactus garden. This kind of cactus garden ideas are being a reference since the cactus has a lot of variety of sizes and types.

If you want to build or create a cactus garden, you need to consider several things. Start from where you live, the weather, up to the proper way to keep the cactus alive and fresh. Even though the cactus plant care is easy and simple, do not water your cactus too much.

If you do that, do not be surprised if your plants become rotten cactus. Also, make sure to put your cactus under the sunlight at least for six hours each day. How about the fertilizer? You can add fertilizer to keep the cactus nutritious.

Giving too much fertilizer to your cactus will make your cactus grow faster and you will need to place it in the new and bigger pot every several weeks. It is better to use the special soil for cactus only.

You can make this special soil by look up at this formula: one-third sand, one-third compost (organic or non-organic), and one-third of pumice. After knowing several important points above, here are the ideas of the cactus garden you can try to recreate it at home!

1. The Corner Cubes

cactus garden design ideas

If you have several square cement blocks, you can arrange the box in the corner of your garden. Try to plant several types of cactus, which have a small size. For example, you can plant the cereus in the top layer. You can also plant the colorful cactus such as Parodia or queen of the night in the middle layer.

To make it perfect, adding some ball cactus-like mammillaria or echinocactus is not a bad idea. Even though cactus is the type of plant that does not need a lot of water; do not forget to shower the cactus regularly. You can use the spray bottle.

2. The Minimalist White Garden

cactus garden landscaping ideas

Do you want to have an indoor cactus garden? Just relax; you can create your cactus garden near your window. Try to put your beautiful cactus in a ceramic small pot. Arrange it in line to make it look neat and clean.

To make it look more attractive and enchanting, you can combine the cactus with the other flowery plants.

3. The Ceramics Cactus Garden Ideas

cactus and succulent garden ideas

It will be different if you want to give a natural touch in your indoor cactus garden. Put a long wooden pot or windowsill planter near the window will be a great idea for you. Try to plant the prickly cactus instead of the common cactus.

To make it more looks natural, you can add coral stones under the cactus. Since this cactus garden idea is indoor style, you just need to spray the cactus with water regularly.

4. The Fairy Cactus Garden Ideas

container cactus garden ideas

Do you not have enough space to plant the cactus at your home? Just look up at this idea! Try to prepare a flat pot and a common pot. Fill the pot with a mixture of soil and fertilizer. You can plant several cacti that have a small size in both types of pots.

The next is you can put the common put above the flat pot. You can also put some decorations or miniatures on the pot to make your garden looks more enchanting and fabulous. In addition, you can place this kind of garden both indoor and outdoor.

5. The Cutie Cactus Garden Idea

cactus balcony garden ideas

If you like to apply the minimalist design at your home, you can try this idea. Choose the pattern ceramic pots that have the basic color, such as white. You can choose a simple pattern to make it look neat. For the cactus type, you can choose the cereus or Barbary fig.

6. The Mini Box Cactus Garden

cactus garden gift ideas

If you do not have any space left to build a garden, do not worry. Try to search a pot or maybe a stone pot that has a unique shape. Then, you can plant several succulents and cacti in this pot. You are also able to put the other decorations to beautify the mini garden.

7. The Square Glass Cactus

cactus fairy garden ideas

Cacti are one of the popular decorating plants, especially if you choose the small succulent or cactus, such as hedgehog aloe. To make it look more enchanting, you can layer the soil, small coral, or even put moss on it.

You can place this mini cactus garden in several spots such as a living room or maybe the dining room. To keep your cactus looks fresh all day long, do not forget to spray the water regularly. Also, make sure to place this mini garden under the sunlight routinely.

8. The Happy Bright Duck

cactus dish garden ideas

Cacti are often associated to give a sunny and hot vibrant. You can change this stigma by placing the cactus in the bright, simple, and unique kind of pots. Also, try to use the other items such as unused ceramic bowls as the pot.

The example is like this happy bright duck idea. By placing several types of cacti on the bright orange pot and combine it with the duck miniature, you will get a different taste of the cactus garden.

Since the pot is not transparent, you can mix the soil and fertilizer. You can cover the soil with the coral stones, stone, or maybe a moss.

9. The Fountain Cacti

texas cactus garden ideas

Having a small space left in front of your house is not a problem to have a beautiful cactus garden. You can overcome it by using some items such as portable fountains. Try to use the portable fountain as the cactus’ pot. To make it look dense and fresh, you can put different types of cacti.

10. The Wall Cactus Garden Ideas

The Wall Cactus Garden ideas

You can decorate your house with a brilliant wall garden. The wall garden ideas are the best garden ideas for you who do not have any space left to build a garden in front or backyard. Just try to stick a wooden panel on the wall and cover it with wire panels.

Choose the small cacti to plant in your wall garden. You can combine it with the green leafy plants to make your garden looks lush and colorful.

11. The Green Pathways

green pathways cactus garden

It will be different if you have any space left in your yard. Try to build a small garden in your yard. Make sure to mixture your soil with the fertilizer. You can add moss to make the soil humid. Divide the yard into two parts.

Fill the first part with the colorful cacti and succulent, while the second part with the green cactus only. Then, you can make a little pathway between the first and the second part. Place the small coral stones in the pathway.

12. The Ladylike Garden

Ladylike Cactus Garden

If you want something different and unique, you can try to recreate this cactus garden idea. Try to plant your cacti in the pot frame, which has a woman shape. To make it look more real, you can put the echeveria or burro’s tail as the hair part of this unique garden.

13. The Southwest Style

potted cactus garden southwest

This southwest style is the best choice for you who love simplicity and warm vibes. Along the front yard, you can plant the San Pedro cactus. Do you love the natural touch? Try to put some clay items such as jars or maybe miniatures.

You can also combine the San Pedro cactus with the other type of plant. Whether the green leafy plants or colorful flowery plants.

14. The Sandy Desert Cactus Garden

Sandy desert cactus garden idea

Having a large backyard at home? You can use it to create a mesmerizing cactus garden. By putting a lot of big ball cactus and the natural stones, you already create a beautiful cactus garden. Different from the other ideas, which often use coral after layering the soil, use the sandy soil to cover the ground.

15. The Wagon Wheel Garden

succulent and wagon cactus garden

The wagon-wheel cactus garden idea is a great idea for you who want to give different vibes in your garden. As we know that wheel has many spoke on it, you can use this as the borderline. Cover one of the sides of the wheel with concrete or a tight wire panel to prevent the soil spoiled.

16. The Cutie Recycle Can Garden

Recycle Cactus Garden Idea

To create a beautiful and modest garden, you can use recycled items such as the metal can. The metal can often use as the flower or plant pot. You just need to make a hole in the base of the can as the water drain.

Besides, you can plant the cacti, which has a similar size to the pot. To make the pot look fancy, you can color it in an attractive color.

17. The Cool Rack Cactus Garden

cactus garden landscaping ideas

You can use your wall as the display area of your cacti. To make it looks neat you can put several wooden boards as the cactus’ rack. Also, choose the same color of the pot to enhance the clear and minimalist vibes.

18. The Smiling Cactus

sharp smile cactus garden

This cactus garden idea is ideal for you who live in a dormitory or maybe in the flat. Just buy some small-sized cactus and place it in the cute ceramic pots. To make it looks cuter; you can decorate your cactus with colorful coral stone.

19. Crochet Potted Cactus

florida cactus garden ideas

If you want to create a small cactus garden in your kids’ bedroom, you can choose a cute and sweet pot to contain the cactus. Putting the ceramic or clay pot into a crochet pocket with a unique pattern is a great idea. You can also try to wrap the pot with the crochet pocket, which has kids’ favorite patterns.

20. The Blue Shades of Cactus

Blue Shades of Garden Cactus

Who said you could not make a cool and refreshing vibrant with cactus? Try to look up at this cactus garden idea. By putting the cactus in the blue or green pot, you will give a different touch to your cactus garden.

How about the types of cactus? You are free to choose the type of cactus as long as it has a small or medium size.

21. The Hanging Glass Idea

indoor cactus garden decorating

Many people often have a problem finding a cute or aesthetics pot. Do not worry about it; you can use your mug instead of buying the new and expensive cutie ceramics pot. Place the prickly cactus on your mug, arrange it in your favorite spots or you can hang it in the hook.

You can choose the most appropriate cactus garden ideas above based on where you live. If you have space left in the yard, it will be better if you choose outdoor garden ideas with medium or big size cactus.

It will be different if you do not have any space left; you can choose the indoor and mini-cactus garden ideas. Do not forget to choose the proper pot or container too. If you have a lot of cactus, you can arrange it in a flower rack or wooden panel.

Moreover, for you who are a beginner of the cactus gardener, it will be appropriate to choose moon cactus, bunny ear, or even mammillaria, which has easy maintenance. Besides, if you have kids or do not want to hurt by it spike, you can remove it using tweezers or duct tape.

One thing needs to concern for you who plant the cactus indoor, do not forget to put your cactus under the sunlight routinely. If you do not have an open area at your home, you can place it near the glass window.

Besides, you need to know that the use of terracotta pot or container is very appropriate for cactus. The terracotta pot or container will help the water drain faster from the soil. So, what cactus garden ideas you will choose to create yours a beautiful and vibrant one?

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