20+ Simplest Deck Garden Ideas You Can Build by Yourself

Do you have small spaces left in the backyard? You can use it as a deck, a place to spend your spare time
while doing fun activities with family or friends. To make it more comfortable, you can try applying
attractive deck garden ideas.

As we know, a deck often builds from the spare space at your house. That is why you can decorate your
deck with a beautiful and mesmerizing garden.

Having a garden at your home also gives many benefits such as reducing stress, you can plant your fruit
or vegetable, doing fun activities with the kids while gardening, increase the supply of fresh air at your
home, etc.

Many people who do not have enough space in the backyard and front yard to build a garden usually
will use the space left in the deck. To make your deck garden look fabulous and attractive, here are
some references for the deck garden style you can choose.

1. The Mini Tropical Lake

 deck garden mini tropical lake

The first deck garden ideas you can try is the mini tropical lake. You can apply this idea in the small or
big deck area. Talk about this idea, you just need to build a fishpond and a water fountain. Near the
fishpond, you can arrange some of the pots of tropical plants.

This goes different if you have a small space left in your deck. Putting a large galvanized tub as the
fishpond is a great idea. You can place a small portable fountain with the same material or maybe with
the decorative one. Do not forget to put some green leafy plants near the fishpond.

2. The Woven Flower Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden woven flower

The other deck garden ideas you can try is the woven flower. You just need to put a metal or wooden
flower rack and place it in the corner or on the edge of the deck. To make it look enchanting, you can
put a woven basket to place the small pots with the various plants.

If you want to give a tropical touch, you can place tropical plants such as ferns, mini bamboo, or even a
small monstera. It will be different if you want to have a colorful deck garden, you will need flowery
plants to fill your entire woven basket.

3. The Pink Small Deck Garden

deck garden small pink

Many people sometimes prefer to expand their house’s area in the left space, but you can still have your
deck garden. How is it so? You just need to make a wall deck garden. Just put one side of the wall, place
some sturdy and unique long pot.

In this case, you can choose a pink pot to give a fancy and sweet atmosphere in the garden. Complete it
with the pink or red flowery and leafy plants.

4. The Wooden Small Box

simple deck garden wooden box

Do you just start gardening as the new activity at the weekend? Just relax; you can decorate your deck
garden with several wooden boxes to plant your favorite seed plants. To make it simple, you can put
your wooden small boxes on your wooden floor or place it on the wooden bench.

Make sure that your seed plant boxes are getting enough sunlight. Wait until several weeks and get
ready for your blooming and blossoming refreshing green leafy or flowery plants.

5. The Green Wall

green wall deck garden

Some people are likely to create a tropical atmosphere at their house. The commonplace to actualize
this idea is by using your deck as the tropical garden. Do not worry if you have many items in your deck
because you will build your deck garden stick in the wall.

You can also call this idea as the green wall garden. Many people are likely to put wire panels to ease the
installation of the potted green leafy plants. To make it looks dense you can choose the plants, which
have thick and luxuriant leaves.

The plus-value about this idea is you can use your green wall as the photo corner while your family or
friends are visiting your home.

6. The Cozy Corner Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden Cozy Corner

If you have a sofa, bench, or other items in your deck and often use your deck areas as the gathering
spots with family or friends, you can build a simple wall garden. Covering up all of the walls in the deck
with green leafy plants will change the appearance of your deck.

Besides, you can place some of the potted small plants around the bench or sofas. To make it look
perfect, you can place several items, which have the same shades of colors.

7. The Simple Deck Garden Ideas with Asia’s Touch

deck garden asia’s touch

If you want to create a different look of the deck garden, you can consider bamboo as the main plant in
your garden. As we know that bamboo becomes one of the plants often use to beautify and decorate
the house.

The use of bamboo will give a peaceful and refreshing ambiance. To make your deck look wider, you can
place the potted bamboo beside the wall. Choose minimalist furniture with a basic color.

8. The Boxes Deck Garden Ideas

deck garden planter boxes

Do you want to have simple and easy maintenance of the deck garden? You can try to create your deck
garden use the square cement pots. Choose one of the corners in your deck areas. Fill it with a mixture
of soil and fertilizer.

You can plant some seed plants or maybe the small-sized plants. To make your deck garden look
attractive, you can paint the pot with a basic color.

9. Rustic Classic Deck Garden

deck garden rustic classic

Having a pavement deck area? You can beautify your deck area by adding a small garden. Use the corner
area as the garden spot. Try to plants some green or flowery plants in the ground.

You can also build a walled garden with rustic decoration. By adding a classic lantern, you are
completing the appearance of your deck garden.

10. The Hidden Deck Garden Ideas

the deck garden hidden boxes

Many of deck areas are often build with the connection road to the front yard. This kind of setting will
give you different ideas and concepts to create a beautiful deck garden. Placing the small corals' stones
around the pathways will add a clean and neat touch.

Do not forget to plant green grass over the connection road between the deck and the front yard. Also,
decorate the wall along the deck and connection road with the fresh green leafy plants.

11. The Village Style

deck garden village style

To create a peaceful, calming, and enchanting atmosphere, you can reduplicate that atmosphere at your
home. Place some items made from wood, clay or woven material.

For example by placing a wooden flower rack in the corner of your deck and fulfill it with the potted
small-sized flowery plants. You can also put some potted herbs in the racks or just place it in the ground.

Also, add several hanging flower plants such as petunia, geranium, begonia, or even the sweet alyssum.

12. The Unused Sweet Dresser

deck garden sweet dresser

If you already decorate your deck garden with many plants and do not feel satisfied, you can try this
idea. Try to place some unused items such as the dresser.

You can paint your dresser in pastel colors. Use the drawers as the pot to plant your favorite plants or
herbs. You can also put certain vines on the dresser’s feet.

13. The Minimalist Deck Garden Ideas

river garden deck at bb&t pavilion

If you often spend your time barbequing or maybe dining in with your family and friends, try to create
this idea. After placing the large wooden dining table in the deck, you can add some yellow light bulbs
above it.

Put some potted plants, which have a colorful flower or certain scents. This minimalist deck-garden idea
is also suitable for the people who often held a garden or outdoor party.

14. The Wooden Style

rooftop deck garden designs

Do you already have a wooden deck with a pergola? You just need to make it looks more mesmerizing
with the simple deck garden. First thing first, you can put up the wood panels over the sides of the

Then, you can place some potted plants in the wood panels and put vines above the pergola. You can
combine the vines and the hanging flower plants such as petunia or maybe a bird paradise flower.

15. The Simple Corner Garden with the Concrete Block

japanese garden deck design

Do you have any several cinder blocks left at home? You can use it to decorate your deck and create a
simple and beautiful deck garden. In addition, you can arrange the cinder blocks as the table’s feet and
put a wide board above it.

You can use this kind of arrangement as the mini garden corner at your home. You can use a clay pot to
enhance the natural ambiance. Also, remember to put the low plants on it to make it looks neat and

16. The Mini Fence Garden

deck and home garden sprayer

If you have a fenced deck area and don’t want your deck area being dirt because all of the plants on it,
maybe you should look up to this deck garden idea. As a reference, you can create extra space in the
top rails.

Just put some of the balcony railing flower frames in the top of the fence. You can plant the seed or
maybe your favorite plants. To make it looks more beautiful and attractive, spread the white coral stone
above the mixture of soil and fertilizer. Besides, you can place hanging potted plants above the top rails.

17. The Flowery Fence Ideas

deck and home garden sprayer

It will be different if you place vines and flowery plants along the top rails. Some of the flowery plants
you can put in the top of the fence are bougainvillea, yellow Jessamine, clock vines, rock trumpet, black-
eyed Susan vine, or even the Mexican creeper.

To make your ground does not look empty you can place other lower potted plants.

18. The Simple Wooden Panels Garden

roof deck city garden hotel

Having an unused wooden panel? Try to use it as the base of your deck garden. Just place the wooden
panels near the fence. Then, you can place some of the clay pot filled by certain types of grass or green
leafy plants.

In the above of the wooden panels, you can place a small box that has the same size as the width of the
wooden panels and fill it with the bushes plants such as azalea or blackthorn.

19. The Stack Style

garden deck stack construction

If you have a metal flower rack, you can place it under the window in the deck area. Try to place the
same colored pot and fill it with various flowers or green leafy plants. You can also choose the small size
pot instead of the big one to make your deck garden looks neat and minimalist.

20. The Simple Pink Deck Garden Ideas

garden deck accessories

If you have a small space left in your deck or balcony, you can try to apply this kind of idea. Put some
wooden bench or maybe an unused wooden box in the corner of the deck. Place one or two potted pink
flower plants above it.

Do not forget to put the soft blanket or cushion too. To make the ambiance feel warmer, you can roll
down a soft blanket or carpet. Moreover, try to put long pot flowery plants under the fence.

21. The Happy Yellow Garden

river garden deck at bb&t pavilion

Are you in love with yellow color? You can create your deck garden in yellow! Just place all yellow
flowers or leafy plants in your garden. Do not forget to put the plants in the same colored pot.

It will be better if you choose the basic color such as white, brown, or even yellow. Try to arrange all of
the potted plants in the yellow wooden flower racks. Who knows if there are many deck garden ideas
you can choose to build your garden?

One thing for sure, if you want to create a beautiful and perfect deck garden is to know the proper deck
garden ideas you will apply to your deck. Also, do not forget to think about the type of plants. So, which
ideas are suitable and appropriate with your deck?

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