13 Fantastic Duck House Ideas to Inspire You

Some people raise ducks for a variety of reasons. Apart from being entertaining creatures, they provide a great meat source and lay large eggs. If you decide to keep them, then don’t forget to construct a proper home. Take a look at my spectacular duck house ideas below.

Duck house designs can be creative and functional at once. Just in case you don’t know how to make an appropriate home for your ducks, luck is yours. I’m going to present a list of 13 splendid coops for those waterbirds.

1. Cheap Duck House Ideas

I love this wooden pallet duck house. If you have scrap materials and pallets from your previous projects, consider building them on the weekend.

Pallets are not only inexpensive but also extremely sturdy. They allow you to construct a simple and functional duck house for your feathery friends.

This duck house is certainly a superb addition to any farm. Moreover, it keeps the ducks safe without requiring a ton of money.

2. Lovely Inn for Ducks

When it comes to duck house ideas, you should unleash your inner creativity. This yard, for example, features a gorgeous coop for ducks.

The design of the duck house is pretty basic. However, the title and walkway bring it to another level. Furthermore, the unit boasts a planter box with bright artificial flowers.

With detailed designs, this duck house seems much more attractive. I guarantee it’ll give your family and guests a laugh when they look at it.

3. ‘Ducks Only’ House

As you see, this duck house has a basic design. However, the ‘ducks only’ sign lends it a bit of character. The title matches perfectly with the rest of the building, too.

If you have excellent carpentry skills, then use your imagination to construct something similar. Moreover, I believe it will give everyone a chuckle when seeing it.

4. Floating Duck House Ideas

If your yard features a pond, consider keeping your ducks there. Be sure to build them this incredibly cute duck house.

This house for ducks is functional. Also, it boasts a lovely warm color scheme. The unit will surely infuse the pond area with a splash of character.

Apart from looking neat, this duck house has a single roof. There’s also a little ramp that’ll enable the ducks to sunbathe on summer days.

5. Upcycled Playhouse Duck House

I know the photo shows chickens in the yard instead of ducks. However, this coop would work nicely for ducks and geese, too.

Simply transform an old child’s playhouse into a duck house. If you don’t have one around your home, then purchase it at a yard sale. It will make a terrific base for any duck house for sure.

Consider lowering the playhouse since ducks don’t love to climb much. They normally are afraid of falling off of the wooden ramp. It would be better if the coop features a duck brooder and a storage area.

6. Thatched Duck House

Don’t you love the set-up of this tiny duck house? It’s an incredible addition to any village pond. Moreover, the building can house a few ducks.

The duck house features a thatched roof. It brings a tropical vibe to the pond instantly. The wooden walkways let the ducks get from their house to the pond.

7. A-Frame Duck House Ideas

I admire this rustic A-frame duck house. Furthermore, it has a low to the ground design. The building looks neat and allows for easier cleanup.

The chicken wire and pallets offer more airflow, which is great for the ducks. If you aren’t crafty enough, then consider buying it.

8. Cable Spool Duck House

Do you have an unused cable spool? If yes, then turn it into a marvelous duck house for your feathery friends. This is a perfect way to put the old stuff to good use.

I love this wooden cable spool duck house. In addition to its cool appearance, it features a tiny awesome walkway. The unit lends the yard a touch of character, too.

9. Handmade Duck House

If you’re an amateur, then it is one of the DIY duck house ideas to try. With just a little help, I believe anyone could handle this project.

This small duck house is pretty easy to build. Essentially, it’s a stabilized tractor that boasts sturdy sides and a metal roof.

The building protects the ducks from their predators. Just in case you need duck house door ideas, draw inspiration from its striking Z-brace door.

10. Gingerbread-Inspired Duck House

This duck coop reminds me of a tiny country cottage. Moreover, the ramp becomes the entrance to the building. Also, it features distressed wooden banisters.

The front of this gingerbread-themed duck house has a stunning wreath. In no time, it delivers a ton of character to the building.

As you see, the duck house is large. It can accommodate many ducks. I believe your feathery friends will live in it comfortably.

11. Blue Duck House

Looking for cute duck house ideas? If so, I recommend trying this design out. Thanks to its large size, it definitely can house many ducks.

This duck house features metal roofs and shiplap siding. Moreover, the pastel blue and white color scheme makes it shine. The building is both gorgeous and functional.

12. Duck House with a Pool

Undoubtedly, ducks love to swim. Furthermore, these creatures are super cute when they play in the water. That’s why you should build them a house with a pool.

This little duck coop is quite simple to construct. If you have nice carpentry skills, building it is a cinch. Moreover, the blue pool makes the ducks happy.

13. Round-Top Duck House Ideas

I truly love how this duck house appears. The building boasts a rustic flair, but the rounded metal top lends it a bit of a modern feel.

The duck coop features an all-enclosed area. It offers a great degree of security for the ducks. Moreover, the building looks quite easy to make.

Giving the ducks an appropriate home is surely important. It does not only keep them together but also delivers a touch of character to the yard. After reading those duck house ideas, I hope you found something to build this weekend.

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