22 Phenomenal Fall Landscape Ideas That Will Fascinate You

Fall is a time that invokes gorgeous colors. While the yard is dormant and turning brown, let’s start some ways to design your garden with splendid fall landscape ideas. Customize the autumn season by utilizing lots of beautiful fall plants.

Early fall is the best time to plant new shrubs, trees, and flowers. There are plenty of fall plants that come in a wide range of colors. Choose Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Pansies, Sumac, or Morning Light Miscanthus. Those varieties can add beauty and color to your landscape in the fall season.

On the other hand, homeowners can add decoration to their doors and front steps at the beginning of fall without having to plant new trees and changing landscape plans. Adorn your garden beds that have no longer blooming flowers with gourds or pumpkins.

Furthermore, to get everyone into the spirit of fall, apply these following shining fall landscape ideas to your front yard. Let your home stand out all seasons with colorful fall garden designs.

1. Fall Porch Garden

fall landscaping ideas

A scene of fun fall shows in this front yard with staircases. Two small pumpkins on both sides of the stairs add a well-favored appearance at the entrance. To make the fall scene ready, add plenty of Chrysanthemums that give bright yellow hue on both grass bases.

Chrysanthemums are a source of decorative fall schemes. Grow perennial mums directly in both flower beds. Besides, plant different color-changing trees to provide vertical elements. If necessary, accentuate the windows with some hanging planters.

2. Fall Gate Scene of Colorful Vines

fall landscape ideas


Colored vines are perfect for fall decoration of driveway gates. Growing vine leaves accentuate the white door and melt into this enchanted fall wonderland. Then, planting deep green boxwood on both sides of the walkway to provide a welcome foil for flashy foliage trees.

The boxwood form also contrasts with informal branch structures of other shrubs. Adding shrubs and plants to this landscape will bring in all seasons. Just work with what you have for an adorable design.

3. Raised Bed Garden in Fall Season

Raised Bed fall landscape

Mexican Feathergrass creates a high-impact look to this raised bed garden. The borders are from grey stone brick walls that match these smaller flowering plants. Moreover, bursting colors of Mums and Iberis decorate the garden with the blooms in the late fall.

Plant these low perennials along the borders and let them flow over the side. Additionally, embellish with various sizes of pumpkins here and there. Smaller shrubs around the garden bed give a little freshness to your landscape.

4. Color-Changing Tree

Color-Changing fall landscaping ideas front yard

Japanese Maples are kinds of foliage trees that have color-changing leaves. These trees will give a shaded area, so grow some smaller plants like ferns, Japanese Forest Grass, and Lamium right under them.

A mini garden with maple trees will create a festive focal point in your landscape. Fall colors from easy-care perennials will brighten up the shaded garden. For instance, Celosia sticks traditional fall colors in shades of red, yellow, and orange.

5. Fall Landscape Ideas with Vine Canopy

simple fall landscape ideas

A canopy of vine leaves builds an amazing sheltered area for seating. The red shade comes from Vitis California or Roger’s red. Its green leaves turn a red color in the fall. Indeed, this climbing-growth plant has flowers and fruits in the summer. Furthermore, the natural cover invokes four seasons of beauty.

Roger’s red needs support for sprawling, so it is growing near wooden structures like a canopy. Consider planting this vine to have a beautiful roof in your garden. It prevents intense sunshine while sitting. Thus, you will get a relaxing time under its shadow.

6. Pumpkin Delight Walkway in Vibrant Hues

fall outdoor landscaping ideas

Mini round flower beds under a tree are fantastic ways to decorate grass base areas along the walkway. Keep your flower beds blooming in all seasons by choosing plants with blossoms. Black-eyed Susan, Virginia Sweetspire, Aster, and Chrysanthemum begin the real blossoms in the fall.

7. Rainbow Fall Blossoms

simple fall Rainbow ideas

These beautiful rainbow blossoms are raised flower beds on a slope. They only need low stone borders to transform them into good gardening area. The flower beds consist of colorful fall bloomers like Nippon Daisy, Goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed, Helenium, and Japanese anemone.

8. Japanese Maple Tree Garden

fall/winter landscaping ideas

A dramatic look comes from this Japanese maple tree garden. The beauty of colorful foliage might blend well with natural stones and wooden gazebo. Those color-changing leaves are bursting vibrant shades to the landscape.

Maple tree is not the only one that changes its leaf color but also River Birch, Black Gum, Shagbark Hickory, Beech, American Sweetgum, and Dogwood. Besides orange and burgundy, yellow-golden is a common shade of the fall leaves.

9. Great Power of Mother Nature

fall photography ideas

Yellow-golden trees, red vines, and dark green boxwood do all the work to create a fall ambiance. Those vine leaves are draping on the entire walls to function as decorative elements. They match the dark red brick wall of the home. Enjoy a classic fall scene!

10. The Scene of Fall Plants

fall landscape decorating ideas

A cascade of delicate flowers shows a waterspout effect in the landscape. Adding some flowerpots enable you to change the plants as desired. Thus, No need to plant flowers directly on the ground. You can also relocate the pots in a new place easly.

Blue Hydrangea flowers are spoiling to the ground beautifully. They give calming and cooling effect to an essence of the fall season.

11. Fall Garden Festival

garden festival decor ideas

This fall festival background is perfect for your home landcape. Accentuate a golden fence with hanging rustic wreaths on the grass base garden. Add fall-themed details such as scattered gourds and pumpkins.

Fall is the time when homeowners decorate their landscapes and doors. Various sizes and colors of gourds or a basket of apples provide an easy way to the expected fall decor.

12. Marvelous Pair of Pumpkin and Plants

garden festival pumkins decor

When it comes to designing flower garden ideas for the fall season, you can work with any potted plants and pumpkins in various sizes. Since decorating a flower garden does not always mean that you have to plant flowers.

Be creative with the master of fall, the pumpkins, is enough. You can use fresh pumpkins to embellish each potted plant. However, to avoid decaying, you can use plastic pumpkins to get a log-lasting scene until the fall season is over.

13. Magical Foliage Garden

back garden festival ideas

Experience a dazzling landscape during the fall season by incorporating any color-changing trees with topiary. A large Maple tree and Shagbark Hickory play a great job to invoke an extraordinary fall wonderland.

A formal clipped topiary near the porch provides contrast and structural elements in the fall garden. They are such as privet, boxwood, and yew that contrast with other shrubs.

14. Fall’s Bounty of Pumpkins

garden festival ideas

To create a welcoming entrance, decorate the front door with small flower plants, clipped topiary, and some fall-themed elements. Ornamental kale and cabbages also dress up the doorstep. Those go with brilliant colors that are suitable for cool-weather edging.

Colorful potted flowers will blend well with the haystacks of pumpkins. Those give vibrant colors among evergreen plants. The cornstalks near the walls are perfect for visual height. Besides, to form a neat border, grow compact boxwood on both edge walkways.

15. Colorful Fall Landscape Ideas

colorful fall trees

Spruce up your fall garden walkway by combining colorful flowers and foliage. To make a statement, try to count on opposites of dark and light shades. Deep-red maple trees are pairing with deep-green foliage to provide darker shades.

On the front part of this garden, raised flower beds consist of ornamental feather grass, American witch hazel, coral bells, and pansies. They enhance graceful textures and fall interest.

16. Pumpkin Copious Falls

fall pumpkin decor

A traditional design comes from this entrance gateway. Pumpkin galore embellishes the stone walls to add a bright color to this fall scene. Choose foam or plastic pumpkins for decorative accents that last until the entire season.

Layer plants are choosing instead of creating a bed. The foliage trees and burning bush grow in different heights to get more in your landscape with a natural feel.


17. Bloomimg Flowers in Fall Landscape Ideas


night blooming flowers

Japanese forest grass covers almost all ground base. It grows best in partial shade that has narrow leaves with cascading habit. In the fall, its golden-green color changes into red, orange, or purple. Maximize what you’ve got, without adding too many flowers you still have colorful shades of fall.

Ornamental grasses add movement to this garden. Taller grass grows along the white fences and walls while whispy grasses locate at the front border to soften this walkway.

18. Fall Garden with Water Features

outdoor water features ideas

Water features are more than just giving aesthetics. Also, they offer a peaceful ambiance to outdoor landscaping. This garden corner transforms into petty waterfall and pond. Purple blooming flowers and shrubs decorate the rock garden to round out the look.

The water feature functions to filter out the noise and make your garden feel more secluded. A good fall background nearby appeals to several senses and double to the color effect.

19. Natural Garden with A Seating Area

natural fairy garden ideas

Instead of using pumpkins and gourds, you can enhance a more natural look with well-groomed plants. Arrange some potted plants with wonderful blossoms in that raised bed. Vine foliage perfectly covers the wooden fence to give a private space.

Don’t forget to add a spot to rest. Soft sofas with a coffee table and an outdoor kitchen give full service to this deck patio. A great garden includes not only plants but also a  structure. Incorporate a wooden gazebo will suit the natural landscape.

20. Contemporary Fall Landscape Ideas

contemporary garden lighting ideas

Since less is more, contemporary home features a minimalistic yard. Some mini gardens consist of small shrubs and ornamental grasses. Natural rocks accentuate the areas with less-maintenance. Graveled walkways give unique access to walking around the garden.

There are plenty of large trees and traveler palms around this home. You can find some touches of the fall season like a potted maple tree and dried tree branches. It is also possible to add hays of pumpkins and gourds for a more traditional look.

21. Fall Patio Garden

patio garden idea

A well-organized landscape does not have any gourds or pumpkins as decorative elements. However, colored shrubs and natural foliage take the job to create autumn feel in the patio. Herringbone brick and concrete tile floorings give an attractive look to the surrounding.

Wall brick raised garden beds are along the black metal fences. The raised beds consist of smaller, medium, and taller trees to create ground-level gardens.

Some troughs of plants also give decorative accents to this area. Additionally, wooden seatings allow you to rest while enjoying the view in this patio.

22. Rock Garden Porch

garden porches pictures

This fall-themed garden shows a perfect design of landscape ideas on a porch. Structural stones with gravels make a great statement and give texture to the garden. Tiny grasses and small colorful shrubs partially cover that red ground area. To add vertical effects, homeowners grow some pine trees.

You can see that a paver pathway separates the garden from grass base areas to provide comfortable access entering the home. A bunch of small pumpkins at the front porch acts as a decorative accent during the fall season.

Generally, designing an adorable fall garden doesn’t cost a fortune. Let mother nature does the work and maximize all the plants you have in the garden. Purchasing any fall-themed decorations are optional. If you can make your own, it will be better.

Stock up on colored vines, pumpkins, gourds, perennial plants, and natural stones will be helpful to make everything look extraordinary. Plants that change their color leaves, haystacks of pumpkins, and other natural elements will blend in harmony.

Don’t forget to style your courtyard, add movement, give contrast textures, and plan fall strategy for warm-winter climates. Importantly, think beyond the foliage. Fall fruits might be as dramatic as colored foliage. They still stick around, although the fall season is over.

Moreover, we have presented plenty of amazing fall landscape ideas to inspire you. Hopefully, those ideas are perfect for making your garden shine this fall season.

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