16 Delightful Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas You’ll Truly Admire

People certainly love spending their free time outdoors as long as their landscaped areas look inviting. If you want to feel calm, then try these farmhouse landscaping ideas out. Moreover, they typically feature perfectly arranged natural elements.

Farmhouse-style landscape normally has a pathway through the yard and garden. Apart from lending the home a warm character, it also looks fabulous, thanks to the surrounding lush greenery.

In this post, you’re going to browse through my outstanding farmhouse landscape designs. Without a doubt, they will steal your heart.

1. Rustic Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

This is such a majestic view from the backyard. As you see, the natural stone column fountains become the centerpieces. Moreover, they exude a tranquil vibe and give the landscape a rustic flavor.

The golden creeping jenny surrounds the fountains gracefully. In addition, it brightens the landscape in no time. Meanwhile, the shrubs, climbing plants, and green grass complement the ground cover plant well.

2. Stylish Farmhouse Landscape Design

Looking for modern farmhouse front yard landscaping ideas? If so, you should implement this design. It features a concrete walkway.

The freestanding slate wall looks astonishing against the bright white exteriors of the house. Furthermore, it boasts two man-made waterfalls at different heights. Meanwhile, the pebbles accompany the unit nicely.

Two brown tall pots flank the slate wall waterfalls. Additionally, bonsai trees, succulents, and ornamental grasses round out the landscape.

3. Traditional Farmhouse Landscape

This is one of the magnificent farmhouse backyard ideas. The tall trees do not only spice up the landscape but also undoubtedly make awesome living privacy screens.

As the photo shows, the yard features a dirt walkway. Apart from dividing the landscape into different zones, it complements the surrounding plants.

The three-tier fountain certainly steals the attention. Meanwhile, the classic stone statue and flowering plants go excellently with it.

4. Small Farmhouse Landscaping

Small backyard? No problem? Undoubtedly, this is one of the striking farmhouse landscaping ideas for you. First, prepare the eye-catching concrete pot fountain. Then, add the low-cost electric pump into it. Next, fill the planter with water. Lastly, plug it in.

Two blue planters lend the landscape a cohesive look. Meanwhile, the river rocks and large stone blocks produce rustic charm.

Place the fountain near the ornamental plants to highlight the landscape. Another option is installing it on the patio or deck so you can enjoy the soothing, flowing water sound.

5. Farmhouse Landscape with a Flagstone Waterfall

I love the landscape of this backyard. The flagstone water feature offers a sense of calm, while the retaining wall doubles as a big planter for ornamental plants.

The green grass calls attention to the flagstone waterfall. Meanwhile, the river rocks and small ornamental plants make the backyard feel united.

6. Gorgeous Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

The brown pot water fountain becomes the center of attention in this yard. Moreover, the flagstones of different sizes surround it excellently.

There are stunning ground cover plants near the water fountain. Furthermore, the shrubs and tall ornamental grasses adorn the landscape.

7. Farmhouse Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Talking about farmhouse landscaping ideas, I recommend installing the water feature in the front yard. Here, the pots for water fountains come in different sizes. They blend in with the exterior walls well.

The shrubs and dwarf ornamental grasses make the landscape lively. Meanwhile, the black-eyed Susan flowers exhibit a cheerful ambiance.

8. A Moment of Zen

Speaking of farmhouse landscaping ideas, don’t hesitate to include another design. This yard, for example, features a traditional bamboo fountain. Furthermore, it generates a rhythmic sound and zen feeling.

The light gray river rocks complement the water fountain perfectly. Meanwhile, the red cedar mulch and low-growing plants brilliantly team with them.

9. Farmhouse Backyard with a Bowl Fountain

The granite slabs lead to the metal bowl water fountain. Apart from giving the landscape a modern feel, they add texture, too.

There’s also a lush grass lawn in the backyard. Moreover, the flagstones and river rocks bring a rustic charm to the landscape, while the flowering shrubs jazz up the space.

10. Simple Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas

The spiral water feature stands magnificently on the flagstone slab floor. It offers the landscape a welcome beauty. In addition, the unit evokes a sense of tranquility.

Not only do the hedge plants spruce the landscape up but also create a neat look. Furthermore, the shrubs, small rocks, and grass complete the scene.

11. Serene and Stunning

Looking for white farmhouse landscaping ideas? If so, this incredible front yard design is for you. The gravel driveway leads to the black garage doors.

The hedge plants contrast with the beige gravel driveway amazingly. Meanwhile, the large water feature with a whimsical statue becomes an eye-catcher.

12. Small Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas for Backyard

This small backyard boasts a semi-circle water fountain. Moreover, it mimics the shape of the natural stone fish pond while producing a calm setting.

The upholstered stools and armchairs let you enjoy the flowering shrubs and ferns. There are also tall plants and a slab wall to maintain your privacy.

13. Stack of Stones

Don’t you love the landscape of this backyard? The garden features various plants, from shrubs to tall grasses to ground covers.

The stacked stone waterfall serves as the backyard focal point. Also, it’s beautifully rustic and produces a serene atmosphere.

14. Two Is Better Than One

This backyard features concrete slab floor tiles. Apart from adding texture to the landscape, they generate a stylish look.

The spillway bowls add character to the backyard instantly. Meanwhile, the stones, pebbles, and statues go excellently with them.

15. Traditional Meets Modern

The classic Asian pot water fountains bring interest to the landscape. In addition, they soothe the soul quickly. Meanwhile, the gray pebbles complement them.

Next to the pebbles is the concrete slab floor. Furthermore, the tall trees, grasses, and shrubs keep the landscape from being lifeless.

16. Tropical Vibes

The wooden fence surrounds the property and offers ample privacy. Moreover, the waterfall and flat river rocks bring serenity to the landscape.

Concrete floor tiles and slate raised beds infusing the yard with a rustic appeal. Meanwhile, the water plants, a stone statue, and a garden pagoda create a tropical ambiance.

There you have it—a collection of farmhouse landscaping ideas. I believe that those landscapes win your heart. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to implement any of them, so you can have your private paradise.

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