14 Finishing Carpentry Tools You Have to Know, Include its Uses

Finishing carpentry tools are pieces of equipment commonly used by carpenters to give the final touch to woodworking, trim, window framing, or door making.

It’s also handy enough to do some wall paneling, staircase installation, and other wood designing processes for your home.

Indeed, this final step in woodworking requires some expertise and years of experience. However, many people today choose to do it themselves by following some DIY tutorials on the internet. As a result, they can save more budget.

Of course, that’s ok to do it yourself, as long as you already have knowledge of primary carpentry skills and are also equipped with the right finishing carpentry tools. It’s because all basic trim carpentry tools have different functions.

Otherwise, all your finishing work will be in vain. Instead of getting the best results, you’re ruining the design. Therefore, recognizing the different types of carpentry tools is initial and essential for you to learn.

This article will provide you finishing tools list complete with its uses to obtain more precise information. Therefore, please read it till the end. That way, you can achieve the best result in every finishing carpentry project.

1. Handy Tape Measure

Before moving to other kinds of finishing carpentry tools, it would be better to first know about tape measure.

Indeed, tape measures are not included as wood finishing tools. However, it doesn’t mean this equipment isn’t essential for carpentry work.

A tape measure will benefit any carpentry job, be it when you are doing finishing projects or other woodworking. That’s why you can’t miss it in your toolbox.

Before considering buying it, make sure the tape measure you will get is at least reach 25 feet long. That way, it will be easier for you to measure whatever size of the wood you will cut accurately.

How to use it is so simple. You only need to extend this measuring tool to the object you are going to work with.

Then, automatically, the aluminum hook at the upper part of the tape measure will lock it from many movements. So, you can measure wood accurately.

After completing the measurement, you can directly press the button on this tool so that the tape can retract back on its casing.

In addition to being handy to use, this tape measure is also easy to carry. Its casing will even fit in your pocket or can be hanged on the belt loop as well.

2. Multifunction Finishing Carpentry Tools: Utility Knives

Utility knives are the finishing carpentry tools that every carpenter keeps on hand. This equipment will make it easier for you to cut light objects when you struggle with remodeling work.

Why are these called multifunctional finishing carpentry tools? That’s because it helps cut some parts in woodworking, opens the carpeting arrangement on your home’s stairs, and also helpful for opening your package.

Another advantage you got from this utility knife is its affordable price. Moreover, you will easily find this carpentry tool in any store, both in the material stores or stationery.

In addition, you don’t have to bother about the blade getting dull. You can merely change it to a new unit and it’ll function well again.

3. Easy to Use End Cutting Pliers

Suppose you’re looking for the right tools for trim work. Then, the end-cutting pliers will be one of them. This tool will help you to cut wires or some plastic objects.

These pliers are shaped like plant shears. However, its blade tip is thicker and smaller than the common ones.

In addition, the handles of these finishing carpentry tools are spring-loaded at the joints, making it easier for you to grip and cut complex objects such as wires.

Having these pliers is an advantage for you because they are comfortable and efficient. As a result, the process of remodeling or other woodworking will become more accessible and enjoyable.

So, be sure to have these finishing carpentry tools in your toolkit.

4. Scribing Tools as The Most Important Finishing Carpentry Essentials

In addition to some finishing carpentry tools mentioned earlier, the scribing tool is also an essential piece of equipment that you must have.

With the scribing tools, you will find it easier to mark wooden planks, tiles, or other materials that you will cut or work on.

Scribing tools can make your carpenter pencil more stable when it is used. That way, you will easily make precise and straight markings.

Generally, these scribing tools come without having their writing implement. So, you have to bring your pencil to make it easier to mark your object.

On the positive side, this carpentry tool is made of polymer that can last for a long time.

5. Files or Wood Rasps

The following carpenter tools’ name is wood rasps or files. It is a device that will make it simpler for you to rasp wooden materials.

For example, there are times when you have to readjust the size of the door edges while you need to install it on the frame. In that case, you can start to utilize these files to fix the problem.

Moreover, these carpenter essentials are also helpful for you who are working on a cabinet or table. For example, you can file the edges of the wood using this tool.

That way, each side of your cupboard and table will have a smoother cut shape.

In short, wood rasps are helpful for you to find the perfect size and shape for the furniture’s edges you are working on.

Generally, there are three types of tools in one set when buying these wood rasps. One functions as flat wood rasps and the other as curved wood files.

Further, it will also equip you with a bag for its storage. That way, it will be simpler for you to find these carpentry tools together at a time.

6. Door and Board Lifter

There are times when you, as a DIYer, need someone else’s help to do some working on doors, drywall, or panels.

However, as none can fully accompany you from the beginning to the end of the installation process, you should have this door and board lifter.

These kinds of finishing carpentry tools are helpful enough for making the boards stand stable when your hands can’t hold them well and have to do other things related to installation.

That way, you don’t need to look for other supports that are more vulnerable or other people’s hands to become alternative suspension anymore.

An interesting fact about this tool is that it can support a board with a maximum weight of 165 pounds. So, logically, this tool is quite heavy. However, you can still get it at an affordable price.

By having your door and board lifter at home, you will easily do carpentry work even when there is no one to help.

7. Claw hammer

Claw hammers are kinds of standard finishing carpentry tools that many people should have, including you.

Although it has a pretty simple model, which only consists of a head and claw on its other side, this tool is, indeed, multifunctional.

You can use it to attach nails to objects or to pry out panels and other materials that require adjustment.

In general, the claw hammers are made of steel with a wooden grip. Even so, these finishing carpentry tools are light enough to swing. What’s more, you can find this equipment in any department store at an affordable price.

8. Sliding T-Bevel

What tool is most suitable for finishing carpentry? If it is a question that often comes to your mind, then the answer depends on what problem you need to solve.

Suppose you need some finishing carpentry tools that can help you find the precise angles in every project you are working on, then the sliding T-Bevels are the right devices to choose.

Besides finding the right angles, the T-bevel can also be used as a depth gauge in construction.

No need to worry about finding a more significant problem because this tool has been assembled as accurately as possible to help any carpentry or construction work.

9. Spokeshaves

Like the common wood raps mentioned above, spokeshaves are the finishing carpentry tools for shaving the surface of the wood that you need to smoothen or readjusted.

Instead of using a spokeshave to shave a flat material, it is better to use this tool to file a curved surface. For example, tables and chairs need a smooth and precise surface to obtain the perfect shape.

It is because most spokeshaves have adjustable blades that can create varying depths in each carpentry job.

10. Face Clamps

The face clamps are one of the many finishing carpentry tools that you must have at home. It’s a kind of buffer that can hold the joint that you’re working on.

When you have to drive many screws for installing a particular object, you can use these face clamps to hold its joints in place. That way, the thing can still secure even you have to work with some screws on them.

Apart from face clamps, there are many other clamps that you can find. And, of course, every shape and size will have various use as well.

So, you can consider buying one of them when you think you need them for a specific carpentry project.

11. Square Measurement Tool

Besides the tape measure, other finishing carpentry tools that you need have are squares. These are kinds of measuring instruments that help you do more complex woodworking.

Currently, many of these square measurement tools are made of aluminum. However, you can still find ones made of wood.

By having a square made of metal, the measurements are more detailed and visible enough.

Moreover, measurement tools made of aluminum are proven to be more durable. So, try to have this square one in your toolkit. Trust me that you will complete any detailed woodworking project more quickly and accurately.

12. Marking Gauge

Are you looking for other finishing carpentry tools that can help you in wood marking projects? Then try to use this marking gauge.

This tool helps mark the lumber you are working on. Either for cutting or for other measurement purposes.

Usually, people use this marking gauge together with scribing tools to get a perfect measurement result. Even so, you can still use it with the standard mechanical pencil you have, and the measuring results will still be accurate.

Using this marking gauge is very simple. You only need to slide it to the spot you need to reach out to, and all measurements will run accurately.

There are various types of marking gauges that you can get at department stores. Ones that are made of fine brass and stainless steel will certainly be more durable. Try to choose one that suits your needs.

13. Set of Chisels

The following finishing carpentry tools are the set of chisels. These instruments are considered very important to have for both experts and beginners.

At first glance, this tool may look simple. However, did you know that you can also use this chisel to complete any work related to carpentry?

Yes, of course. You can even utilize a set of chisels for removing tiles on your floor or for other woodworking projects you face. Furthermore, you will be able to do framing with this carpenter tool as well.

Suppose you don’t have this tool at all in your toolboxes. In that case, get hurry to purchase some.

14. Multi-tool Screwdrivers

The other primary finishing carpentry tools you need to own are screwdrivers. Without these instruments, indeed, it’s difficult for you to finish some installing projects.

Even less, today, most furniture and household properties are using screws for the installation element instead of nails.

But, again, every different type of screw needs different screwdrivers too. Therefore, more the reasons why you require this multi-tool version in your toolkit.

Believe it or not, your carpentry projects will be quicker to finish than using the standard one.

Of course, it is multifunctional enough for driving various kinds of screws. Yet, this multi-tool screwdriver is still affordable to purchase.

After knowing the finishing tools’ meaning and some of their types, hopefully, you can use these items precisely according to their respective functions.

Therefore, you’ll gain the best result for every woodworking you do, even without professional help.

One you must remember, in addition to using it correctly, make sure to continually maintain and keep your finishing carpentry tools properly as well.

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