12 Fun Things to Do in the Pool for Children

Summer has arrived. Spending time in the sun is a must. If your kids love water, you need to figure out some fun things to do in the pool. They will keep children completely entertained during summertime.

Sometimes kids contentedly can create their fun in the pool. However, your little ones might require some encouragement or risk feeling bored.

Undoubtedly, every child loves a great pool game. So here are twelve ways to make swimming much more interesting for any kid.

1. Balance on Pool Floats

This is surely one of the best swimming pool games. For this awesome game, you’ll have to prepare a flat or tubular float for each kid.

Every player gets on their floating mat and stands nicely away from the swimming pool’s side. You only need to time how long they stay on the floats without falling off.

2. Play ‘Simon Says’ – Fun Things to Do in the Pool

The ‘Simon says’ game is a remarkable way to help your kids increase their confidence and technique in the pool. Moreover, it lets them gain strength.

One kid is the leader. He/she will call out the actions. Then, other children must follow him/her and do the action well.

The leader can give instructions such as, ‘Simon says do a back float’, or ‘Simon says practice a backstroke’. Furthermore, he/she must remove the ‘Simon says’ part occasionally.

If the kids do certain instructions, when you haven’t said ‘Simon Says’, then they must be out. I believe this game will allow your children to have some summer pool fun.

3. Race Each Other

If you do not have large beach balls, this is one of the fantastic pool games without toys to consider. As the name implies, the game doesn’t require any equipment.

The kids only need to race widths or lengths of the swimming pool. This game offers lots of fun. It proves simplest water games are the best, too.

4. Play Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the marvelous and classic swimming games. Kids can play this game either in groups or in a pair. The player who stands in the pool and wears a blindfold is it.

If the player says Marco, the other kids must shout Polo. He/she has to catch the rest of the players until there’s a player who becomes it.

Playing Marco Polo is undoubtedly one of the fun things to do in the pool. You can step it up a notch by letting children make lovely animal noises. When one child yells dolphin, other kids must answer back with their cute impressions.

5. Play the Mirror Game

Every kid definitely can play the mirror game. There must be two children who stand opposite each other. One player does an action. Then, his/her partner must copy it. It’s basically like she/he is looking in a mirror.

Speaking of fun things to do in the pool, giving the mirror game a try is a wonderful idea. The kids can dip underwater, swim side to side, or pull their faces. They must swap over after a few minutes and continue taking it in turns.

6. Pretend to be Scuba Divers

Your kids want to be deep-sea divers, so why turn it into reality? Simply toss a bunch of coins into the swimming pool. Kids must grab them from the bottom. It’s essentially like diving for treasure.

You have to time how long they retrieve the pennies. This game is fabulous, but it isn’t a good choice for any family swim hour at your community swimming pool.

7. Play Chicken Fight

Searching for super fun things to do in the pool? If yes, give the chicken fight a shot. This game is suitable for older kids who can hold the smaller ones on their shoulders.

The chicken fight is one of the superb pool activities for families. It lets children do something amusing in the water. Moreover, falling in the swimming pool is truly fun.

8. Play the Race Game with Fun Pool Toys

Talking about some fun things to do in the pool, you should opt for the float race. This game reminds everyone of the beach ball race. However, it requires swimming pool toys such as large inflatable unicorns, pool noodles, tubes, and loungers.

The player who arrives at the finish line with his/her ridiculous pool toy will become the winner. Sounds like so much fun, right?

9. Practice Swimming Underwater

Speaking of fun things to do in the pool, consider the underwater bridge game. It allows your kids to practice swimming underwater.

You need to stand in the pool. Then, create an underwater bridge with your legs. Next, your children must swim through them. To make the game a bit harder, there should be two adults standing who open their legs. See if kids can nicely swim through both.

10. Play Air Ball

The goal of this pool game is to keep the beach ball from touching the water. Normally, kids play it with balloons when they’re at the birthday parties of their friends.

Since there are many fragile items indoors, playing the air-ball game is a great choice. It’s a lot cheaper in the swimming pool.

11. Play Sharks and Minnows

This is another popular swimming pool game for kids. One child acts as a shark. He/she stands in the pool’s middle part. The other children are the minnows.

When the shark shouts go, the minnows must jump into the swimming pool. Then, they have to get past it without getting tagged. The best part is, seeing a final 1-on-1 minnow vs. shark match.

12. Create a Spectacular Underwater World

Speaking of fun things to do in the pool, you should let your kids pretend to be whatever they want. Children certainly have their favorite sea animals.

Kids could be a starfish, an octopus, a narwhal, a dolphin, and a turtle. The list is endless. Simply allow their brilliant imaginations to run wild. I guarantee they’ll create a happy underwater world for themselves.

Now you know some fun things to do in the pool. They will surely bust children’s boredom in no time. Moreover, those activities are not only inexpensive but also strengthen your family bond. Let’s have an unforgettable summer!

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