21 Hot Wooded Backyard Ideas to Try Today

Now that you own a home in an area with many woods, some existing trees and shrubs may need a
little bit more care. At this point, some wooded backyard ideas are probably necessary to help you
decide what to do next with your outdoor area.

It is not impossible for the trees and shrubs to be in poor quality or not in their best condition. As a
result, they may look unattractive in some cases. By exposing yourself with some great ideas and
tips, landscaping wooded areas should be less overwhelming.

Considering you have already had the main structure in your landscape in the form of wood or tree,
all you need to do is adding some extra plants and decorative objects. This way, your backyard can
appear more interesting than before.

From adding natural objects to artificial ones, you have many options to bring your wooded
landscape to the next level. Natural objects including plants, stone, and wood will appear more
authentic in your wooded area.

Meanwhile, artificial objects created from natural or handmade materials can provide visual interest
and introduce a fascination contrast to the existing trees and plants.
Now, to help you find the best ideas and tips on how to landscape your wooded area, let us explore
the list below!

1. Add a Layer of Vegetation

Add a Layer of Vegetation

Add color and texture in a wooded setting by introducing a layer of vegetation. With the availability
of tall trees as a backdrop, you just need to focus on growing shrubs or blooming plants in a wooded

It does not matter if you plant a variety of foliage even if they all come in different shades of green.
This method is perfect to introduce texture in your landscape. Moreover, it will not reduce the
interesting point of your backyard landscaping.

2. Introduce Native Flowering Trees

Introduce Native Flowering Trees

It would be great to plan your wooded landscaping ideas with native flowering trees such as
dogwood and redbud. This wooded backyard features a medium dogwood that adds a striking
addition in the setting.

With other tall trees around it, the medium dogwood offers a beautiful contrast with its light-
colored leaves.

3. Get Plenty of Shrubs

Get Plenty of Shrubs

Consider taking advantage of shrubs that display such a fantastic view in your landscape. Then,
repeat low growing shrubs at the border of the woods to offer a natural, beautiful impression.

This idea can be a great reference if you enjoy a prominent display of shrub varieties in one
backyard. For a low-maintenance option, you can include one or two types of succulents in the

Boxwoods make a nice option as well when landscaping a wooded area. This plant is easy to care
and shape to suit your style too.

4. Bring in a Group of Daffodils

Bring in a Group of Daffodils

Daffodils make a great option when you want to landscape around the wooded area. The bright
yellow color of daffodils makes it a charming addition to any backyard.

Instead of planting the same flower in a row, consider growing a group of daffodils in different forms
and settings as shown above. This way, you can make the landscape appear more natural.

If you want to go further, get some wicker baskets and use them to grow your daffodils. After that,
you can set the basket of daffodils on a sculpture or other objects that can hold them.

5. Include Grass in Your Wooded Backyard Ideas

Include Grass in Your Wooded Backyard Ideas

In case you enjoy grasses and are willing to maintain them, it would be great to include ground cover
grasses into your landscape.

However, you should be aware that most types of grass would require a huge amount of water and
many need fertilizer as well. Then, weed treatments typically become another factor to consider
when you are landscaping a wooded backyard with grass.

6. Hang Charming Wind Chimes

Hang Charming Wind Chimes

Hanging a wind chime or two in the branches of your trees can also be a good idea to decorate in a
wooded setting. You do not need to buy a brand new one, creating a wind chime from an existing
material makes a great choice as well.

Not only add visual interest in your wooded landscape, but wind chimes will also create an
interesting, relaxing sound in your space.

7. Take Advantage of Existing Wet Area

Take Advantage of Existing Wet Area

If there is an existing wet location around the backyard, consider taking advantage of this area to
bring your whole landscape design to the next level. You can plant water-tolerant flowering shrubs
or perennials around this soggy setting.

It would also be a great idea to bring in some stones or gravels to the landscape. This method is
especially appropriate if you want to have some space to walk around and enjoy your landscape

8. Build a Decorative Pond

Build a Decorative Pond

Wooded landscaping ideas should include a decorative pond too since it works well in a location
with many trees. If you want to add fish into your pond, it is important to keep the water clean by
using a proper filtration system.

On the other hand, in case you decide to supply water, make sure that it stays fresh. This way, you
can keep unwanted wild animals away from roaming into your pond. In addition, it will make your
pond continuously attractive within the landscape design.

9. Create a Striking Little Creek

Create a Striking Little Creek

This little creek can add a distinct effect to your landscape. Even when you cannot create a proper
creek, a few small boulders set near a pathway can offer a remarkable statement in your landscape

Adding a dry creek bed could be a good option as well. You can simply line it with stones and edge it
with some plants. Thus, it can appear like a natural riparian setting.

Furthermore, you can also opt for implementing a dry streambed for drainage purposes. This
method is beneficial to prevent erosion by diminishing runoff. On the other hand, you may still love
how it looks.

10. Use Cheap Varieties

Use Cheap Varieties

A variety of heat-tolerant plants requires low water and is capable to provide one year-round
interest. However, once these plants have exceeded their first year, some of them will produce seed.
At this point, the beauty of the plants may decrease in some cases.

For this reason, planting a variety of mature plants in cheap prices may make a better deal. You can
feature different types of plants every season without incurring too much money.

If you need a good recommendation, cactus plants would be a great option since they do not require
much water. Moreover, they also come in many different verities to suit your style and taste.

11. Incorporate Wooden Walkway

Incorporate Wooden Walkway

A walkway is indeed indispensable when it comes to wooded backyard ideas. This feature can help
you and your guests determine where to step when visiting the backyard. Moreover, a walkway can
also add such visual appeal in the landscape.

This wooden walkway looks outstanding with some boxwood set around it. There are also a variety
of flowering shrubs seen in the landscape.

12. Go for Natural Stepping Stones

Go for Natural Stepping Stones

If you prefer a more natural look, consider adding stepping-stones in your wooded backyard. You
just need to get some large, flat stones to be set on the ground. Then, edge them with boxwood or
other kinds of shrubs to emphasize the pathway.

Placing your plants strategically to make it clear where someone should step on the backyard is
applicable as well. However, you will not like to step directly on the ground, especially when the
backyard is wet after raining or something.

13. Fit in Patio and Firepit

Fit in Patio and Firepit

Your wooded backyard will feel unfinished when there is nowhere for the eye lo land. That is why
adding a focal point in your landscape is highly important.

This combination of patio and a fire pit offers a comfortable spot to enjoy the landscape while giving
your eye something interesting to look at. With enough wooden chairs, you can enjoy the outside
world conveniently and warmly in this backyard.

Since there are many trees around the patio, spending your spare time throughout the summer day
will still be relaxing in this backyard.

14. Utilize a Small Fountain

Utilize a Small Fountain

Using a garden ornament can make your wooded backyard perfect. Consider adding a garden
ornament that can ‘surprise’ your visitors like this unique small fountain.

You can simply put this small fountain in the middle of the wooded backyard. Make sure that the
setting is suitable enough for you to add a fountain around it.

If constructing a new one may cost you much money, consider buying ready-to-use one that comes
in such a cheap price. Some options are available in the market if you need an affordable fountain
for the backyard.

15. Create a Floating Deck

Create a Floating Deck

Take advantage of a tree in your wooded backyard to create a favorite spot to get relaxed. Installing
a floating deck around the tree can be one of the best approaches to do.

This wooden floating desk is right around the tree, offering a soothing space to gather and share
stories in the weekends with families. Simply bring your picnic carpet out and some snacks to eat.
There is no doubt it would be a good spot to spend one of those sunny weekends at home.

16. Install Bench around the Tree

Install Bench around the Tree

Instead of a floating desk, you can opt for installing this kind of bench around the tree. You probably
have ever seen this one of the unique wooded backyard ideas.

With a wooden bench installed around it and pink flowers stick on the trunk, this tree will become a
remarkable statement in your backyard. You can use this spot to read your favorite books or simply
enjoy the outdoors.

17. Bring Your Chair Outdoor

Bring Your Chair Outdoor

If you have a wooded backyard but are not willing to spend too much for landscaping this space, add
a simple yet functional object must be great. Just like this backyard, that only offers a single old

You can use your old chair and bring it around the trees. It can work as a space to sit back or put
your washed shoes to dry.

18. Landscape around the Tree

Landscape around the Tree

In a backyard with many trees, it is always a good idea to landscape around one of them. If you want
to try it, this picture can be a perfect reference.

A flowerbed that is edged with stone pavers surrounds this tree. You can opt for growing different
plants with colorful blooms. You can also include some stones or gravels on this flowerbed to fill the
empty space.

19. Hang a DIY Swing

Hang a DIY Swing

A mature tree in your backyard can be a reliable place to hang a swing. You do not need to get a
fancy one of the market. Simply make your own tree swing with some ropes and a wooden board.

Hanging a swing in a tree allows you to bring something fun in the backyard. Just make sure that the
tree is sturdy enough to hold the swing. Consider checking the tree regularly if you plan to hang the
swing for a long time.

If a DIY project is not your thing, there are many affordable swings available to purchase.

20. Set Your Dining Area Outdoor

Set Your Dining Area Outdoor

Move your dining area outdoor by setting a long table, sofa, and some chairs in the backyard. In a
wooded backyard, you can benefit the natural canopy offered by trees around the space.

The trees allow you to hang some string lights over this outdoor dining area as well. This way, you
can also have an intimate dinner with your family outdoor.

21. Move the Living Space Outdoor

Move the Living Space Outdoor

Aside from setting a dining area outdoor, you can also move your living space in the outside world.
During the summer days, consider bringing out your sofas outside.

With some trees growing around your backyard, this outdoor living space should be shady enough to
help you calm down. Adding a fire pit would be great too, especially if you want to use your outdoor
living space in the evening.

In conclusion, landscaping a wooded backyard may require a proper plan and much time, but the
results should be amazing. Choose one of the wooded backyard ideas discussed above and you will
love the result for sure!

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