7 Tips on How to Build a Fire Pit on Grass You Have to Follow

Many people are looking for a way how to build a fire pit on grass securely. It happens because they think it is a critical item to install in the backyard to accompany the relaxing evening moment with family.

Getting to the best way of how to build a fire pit on grass is very crucial, indeed. As we all know that although fire can provide warmth when you have small talk in your backyard, this object will be hazardous as well.

Therefore, never be careless in how to build a fire pit on grass. Instead, it would be good to follow some suggestions below as the best guide for you and your family.

Besides, please check local regulations regarding the purchase or construction of a fire pit in your city or country. That way, everything will go safely for everyone.

Is it OK to Put a Fire Pit on Grass?

Before thinking about how to build a fire pit on grass further, you may have wondered, is installing or putting fire pits on the lawn safe enough to do?

Certainly, the answer is yes. However, it doesn’t mean you can just put it down randomly. Instead, there are some precautions that you should follow to prevent some accidents that can harm you and the people around you.

One of many precautions on how to build a fire pit on grass is considering giving the bottom of fire pits the precise level.

In principle, the closer the fire pit is to the ground, the greater the chance that it will burn and scorch your grass.

At any worse, this fire can propagate and catch other objects around it as well. But certainly, you will not let that happen, right?

Check Local Rules for Fire Pit Usage

Besides ensuring to take precautions properly on how to build a fire pit on grass, it’s better to check the local regulations regarding the use of fire pits in your city.

It is essential to do first so that you can avoid more significant problems related to legal entities.

What makes a specific regulation regarding the use of fire pits in each area vary from one another? It is because every place has a different climate.

And in arid regions, of course, fire pits will be strictly prohibited because they will trigger regional fires very quickly.

On the other hand, several different areas still allow the installation of fire pits even though legal permits must accompany them. Alternatively, they have to follow additional requirements so that the use of fire pit runs safely.

That is why you need to ensure the legality of using a fire pit first, instead of buying it directly without considering the local regulations. Indeed, it will only end up in vain.

Yard Size and Type of Fire Pit You Can Have

After acknowledging some requirements regarding the use and installation of fire pits in your area, it is time to move on to how to build a fire pit on grass properly.

Therefore, takes note of these two points in how to build a fire pit on grass safely. Firstly, is to define the size of the backyard you have.

Additionally, you must certain that you have a garden that is large enough to put a fire pit. It is because a small yard will only harm you and your property if you insist on having one.

Generally, there is a standard distance that you must follow to keep your property safe from fire. For further comprehensive knowledge about this, you will find it in the next part.

The second point is that you have to find a precise type of fire pit that fits your yard and your needs.

To achieve the safest option in how to build a fire pit on grass, here are two types of fire pits you can use.

1. Portable Fire Pits

The first option you can choose is a portable fire pit. It’s undeniable that this is an item that is relatively safe and easy to move wherever you want, including putting this fire pit in your lawn.

Indeed, it is because most portable fire pits have a buffer that is height enough to the ground, so it won’t be easy to scorch your grass.

However, different types of portable fire pits will have a different ways to maintain as well. For example, gas fire pits or other versions are even more dangerous when getting inappropriate treatment.

Therefore, make sure in advance all your needs regarding how to build a fire pit on grass to minimize the worst possibilities that can happen.

2. Cheap Fire Pit Ideas

If you plan to find an alternative way that is more affordable, then DIY-making fire pits will also be a good option.

The method is relatively easy. However, it would help if you merely built a fire pit by arranging some cinder blocks or stones that you find in your backyard.

Even if you find it challenging to do so, check your internet. There is already a lot of information that discusses how to build a fire pit with rocks properly.

One point that you should remember, ensure to make the fire pit high enough from the grass. That way, it won’t burn anything underneath.

Or, you can also consider removing all the grass around the fire pit area and only leaving the sand or dirt on it. Again, it is to make your fire pits installation run more safely.

But to be honest, you can also decide not to do this if that’s not necessary, and you can take other precautions besides eliminating the grass.

Even less, if you are asking, “Do I need to dig a hole for a fire pit?” then the answer will vary. Again, it depends on the needs and conditions you are in.

Suggestions on How to Build a Fire Pit on Grass

In total, there are seven suggestions on how to build a fire pit on grass that you can follow. Because this is the essential part that you have to remember, so let’s start discussing it!

1. Give Your Fire Pit a Level Spot

The initial suggestion on how to build a fire pit on grass is by giving it a level spot. It can be meant by flattening your ground as well, especially around your fire pits area.

It is needed as many yards are possible to have an uneven surface.

If not, this fire pit will easily tip over and scorch your grass, especially for you who choose to use the portable ones.

Today, many people agree that giving a level spot is the best way to build a fire pit area become more secure.

Suppose you are wondering what to put in bottom of fire pit, then it can be some pavers or other flat surfaced materials. But never go with the wooden planks or pallets because these objects are flammable.

Alternatively, you can go by only adding or taking away the soil necessarily.

2. Ensure to Build a Fire Pit Away from Building

Caution is key in how to build a fire pit on grass safely, especially in considering the location of your fire pits.

Whether you’re going with a built-in fire pit or a portable one, making sure it’s away from your building is paramount.

Otherwise, of course, everything will burn out quickly, and you are in great danger too.

Ideally, it is customary to keep your fire pit at least 25 feet away from your property. That way, you can consider everything to be safe.

It is why it is so important to take into account the size of your backyard before deciding to have one.

Suppose you have a small yard that is less than 20 feet far. Then having a fire pit is not a good recommendation.

3. The Safest Way on How to Build a Fire Pit on Grass: Give it Barriers

Creating a barrier is the most effective way on how to build a fire pit on grass. It aims to prevent fire from spreading in all directions when they catch the grass below.

How to make it is effortless. You merely need to arrange bricks, stones, or cinderblocks around your fire pit. Having a size between 6 to 12 inches for the brick or cinder block is the best option to choose.

This strategy will also be suitable for portable fire pits. By applying the barriers around, it won’t be tip over easily.

4. Light Misting the Grass with Water

While thinking about how to build a fire pit on grass securely, it’s also a good idea to consider some activities that can prevent fires.

One of them is by doing light misting the grass with water. It is known as the most accessible method you can do.

It definitely benefits if you owned a bottle of water, then spray it on your grass. However, you don’t need to do it too much as an over-treatment will only make your lawn slippery.

Or, in another worse case, you can’t inflame the fire instead.

The primary purpose of this light misting, is to make moist the soil under your fire pit. That way, the grass won’t be easy to catch by fires.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Fireplace

Leaving the fire pits unattended is the biggest mistake you ever made. Why? Because there may be an accident that causes your portable fire pit to tip over when you are away.

And then, because you’re not there, no treatment can save your backyard from fires immediately.

Believe it or not, you will successfully achieve all the tips on how to build a fire pit on grass safely only if it is followed by your vigilance when starting to light it on.

Therefore, never leave your fire pit in a lit state regardless of the circumstances. Otherwise, you’ll be in great trouble.

One suggestion that you should do is to always be near your fire pit. Even it would be great if you are accompanied with a water hose by your side.

6. Trim the Tree Branches Around Your Fire Pit

Besides considering how large your backyard is, it’s also important to consider how many trees you have in your backyard.

This estimation is not without meaning. It is because of the many low-branched trees around your house, the more it can set all properties on fire.

Therefore, you must trim tree branches regularly. That way, you can light your fire pit up safely. Ideally, leaving a distance of about 15 feet from the possibility of the flames spreading upwards is a worth doing strategy.

However, suppose you feel that trimming tree trunks is a tough job for you to do. In that case, considering placing your fire pit away from the reach of many trees is an excellent choice.

That is why it would be highly recommended for you to have a large backyard if you are planning to build a fire pit there safely.

7. Consider the Right Disposal for The Ashes

Last but not least, tips on how to build a fire pit on grass securely also bring you to the proper disposal strategy for the ashes that have been left behind.

Indeed, you can’t just leave ashes scattered around the yard after the fire is out because it would be flammable when something ignited it.

The best way to dispose of it is to put the cool ash in a metal container. After that, you can safely throw it away in the proper trash bin.

Discussing how to build a fire pit on grass does seem very easy. However, it requires caution and good calculations to do so that this does not damage anything around, including your property.

Therefore, try to follow all the suggestions on how to build a fire pit on grass as described above properly. Then, hopefully, you can create the safest one, and good luck!

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