How to Choose the Right Indoor Toilet for Dogs

Not all people live in sprawling houses. For those who have canine friends and dwell in apartments, letting them out to pee and defecate seems impossible. If you’re one of them, keep reading my guide on the indoor toilet for dogs.

When it comes to the dog toilet, most people usually think of a little artificial grass patch. The truth is there are more kinds of canine toilets on the market than you could’ve imagined.

In this guide, I do not only list them but also provide picture examples. You could train your four-legged buddy to use a human toilet. Moreover, finding tutorial videos isn’t difficult.

However, most dog owners will choose to purchase one of the various types of toilets specifically designed for their canines.

What Is an Indoor Dog Toilet?

An indoor toilet for dogs is a device that facilitates your canines’ needs whenever they feel like urinating or defecating.

Today, it’s crucial because most dog owners work long hours and thus leave them alone inside the apartments.

Since the owners work all day, there’s nobody to take canines out when they have to pee. Moreover, the indoor dog toilet lets people create a versatile and simple bathroom space indoors.

With an indoor toilet for dogs, you can even train your dog for potty training. Like cat litter boxes, it enables dogs to defecate or pee on a surface without causing an unnecessary mess.

Indoor dog potty really helps the owner keep his/her dwelling clean and stench-free. Furthermore, it’s suitable for canines that are afraid to go outside during extreme weather or simply have phobias.

Undoubtedly, an indoor potty is ideal for senior dogs since they cannot hold on to their bladders for too long. If you have young pups or small breeds, adding the unit into your apartment is seriously a convenient solution.

Normally, many pet accessories give your dog a touch of luxury. However, the indoor potty offers freedom to canines.

Purchasing an indoor dog toilet would be a brilliant idea for the owners who dwell in tiny apartments or houses without backyards.

It helps you maintain your canine potty routine. Elderly pet owners certainly will love this product, too.

Different Types of Toilet for Dogs in Apartments

Some dog owners bring their pets outside for going to the bathroom. However, it doesn’t seem doable for people who live in apartments without grass nearby. This also sounds impossible if the weather is bad.

There are multiple choices of indoor dog potties to select from. Pick the toilet that works best for your canine friend. You probably need to buy some models before your pet really likes one of them.

1. Synthetic Grass Toilet for Dogs

As the name suggests, this indoor pet toilet comes with artificial grass. It also typically boasts a plastic container that bears the fake grass. Some canines may not love them since the potty isn’t natural.

Compared to the indoor dog toilets with actual grass, this is certainly less eco-friendly. However, you don’t have to change or remove the grass. Simply clean the tray out. Then, rinse the toilet thoroughly before reusing it.

Synthetic grass indoor dog toilets are more durable than their natural grass counterparts. They allow canine owners to give their pets a greener area while keeping the space clean.

Since the pee pads feature artificial grass, they will surely attract dogs. You can also create a green area on your porch.

Investing in a toilet for dogs that comes with synthetic grass is a genius idea. The soft artificial grass is not only long-lasting and resilient but also skin-friendly. It feels and looks similar to the actual thing, too.

Bear in mind that the artificial grass will usually move around somewhat. This can cause an unwanted occasional mess.

2. Indoor Toilet for Dogs with Natural Grass

Many dog owners choose this type of indoor dog toilet. Essentially, it’s a box that features real grass patches. This stuff gives your furry friends a natural environment, so they will feel very comfortable with it.

The toilet with actual grass is definitely eco-friendly. You can dispose of natural grass patches for new ones after they’ve worn out.

Unlike a toilet for dogs with fake grass, this option doesn’t have long-life usage. Furthermore, it tends to be perishable.

This green grass dog toilet is very easy to use. You can effortlessly toss it out in the trash can. However, since the real grass patch needs regular replacement normally every month, so the cost certainly adds up.

3. Automatic Flushing Dog Toilet

If you have a higher budget, consider purchasing this self-cleaning automatic toilet for dogs. It typically employs disposable training pads that come in a roll.

This flushable dog toilet has a machine that will instantly replace the canine pee pad with a fresh one from its rolls. Normally, it happens between 1 and 3 times each day.

I highly suggest you buy a toilet for dogs that flushes automatically. Since the unit boasts sensors, it won’t do so while your dog is still there.

This dog toilet is complete with soiled pads. They sit nicely in the machine’s enclosed section for easy cleanup. Although the stuff is a bit expensive, it is still worth buying.

When shopping for the dog toilet with actual grass, make sure that the size is appropriate for your pet. It helps prevent nasty spills during its usage. Moreover, the proper potty size is variable to the dog breed’s size.

If you buy a small-sized toilet, it will surely spill the dog’s pee out, making the tool useless. On the other hand, the bigger one may need more cleaning time from the canine owner than required.

4. Toilet Pads for Dogs

Just in case you plan to do some toilet training for dogs, consider buying pads in plastic holders. Moreover, the special pee pads are sheets of fabric or paper for canine friends to pee on.

This is probably the most basic dog potty type on the market. As the name indicates, it has a plastic tray that supports some sort of canine training pads.

The tray of this dog toilet is simple to set up and use. However, it might give your dogs an unfamiliar environment. You might face some challenges with this piece.

This toilet for dogs tends to be smaller compared to other types. It certainly works best for puppies or small dog breeds. Moreover, there are two kinds of pee pads for canines. Take a look at each option below.

  • Disposable Pads

Some dog toilets feature plastic trays that work well with disposable pads. The materials are typically cotton, cardboard, or paper. This certainly allows for simple cleanup since you only have to toss them.

Disposable pads undoubtedly do not only cost more but also generate a lot of waste. Remember that you need to continuously purchase new pads.

As the name gives away, disposable pads are easy to dispose of. You can throw them out after a good use and then replace them with new ones.

  • Reusable Pads or Grates

This is another type of toilet for dogs. It boasts reusable grates or plastic mats, so canines can comfortably sit on them.

The pads need rinsing to clean, normally with soap. As you don’t ought to substitute them often, they’re more budget-friendly for sure.

There are also reusable pads that employ washable fabrics and waterproof bottoms thus you can reuse them until worn out.

The grate is another brilliant dog toilet system. It has a simple elevated design with slots or holes in the potty area.

Furthermore, the item passes the urine of the canine in the collection pan underneath. It also keeps the excrement on the top, so you can scoop it off later.

Grates are durable because they use good quality plastics. In addition, they are unbreakable and chew-proof. If you have fuzzy pups, purchasing them would be a nice investment.

The grate enables you to do some dog toilet training. This masterpiece is not complicated to use. You can clean it later on with ease.

Your dogs only need to walk on the potty grate and pee on it. Also, while the canines walk off the toilet, their feet are clean. There are no unwanted spills, too. This indoor toilet for dogs is a perfect fit for pups and small-sized dogs.

5. Diapers for Dogs

Dog diapers are a fabulous alternative to a toilet for dogs. They are specifically helpful for canines with paralysis or incontinence issues.

These items function exactly like baby diapers. There are also two types of dog diapers on the market.

Disposable Dog Diapers

As with diapers for babies, these diapers certainly can be disposable. Their materials are similar to them, too. However, the design works nicely for canine anatomy.

After the first usage, you definitely must throw the dog diaper out. Then, change it with a new one immediately. This doggy diaper is very comfortable to use, too.

Reusable Dog Diapers

If you truly care about environmental issues, buying reusable dog diapers is the right option. This is such an incredible alternative to a regular toilet for dogs.

As the title refers, these doggy diapers can be reusable. They are normally machine washable. In addition, these items can even look trendy.

Typically, the manufacturers make reusable dog diapers from washable fabrics. Your canine friends can reuse them until they get well-worn.

6. Dog Litter Boxes

Nowadays, the owners of certain dog breeds consider buying litter boxes for their pets. Basically, they’re like cat litter boxes.

The dog litter boxes are not an ideal option for large-sized dogs. They are definitely too small for your big canine friends. This product is another marvelous alternative to the toilet for dogs.

However, you should avoid purchasing it if your dogs are destructive or really love to dig. It helps prevent unnecessary mess. Consider the stuff for smaller and calmer dog breeds.

Unlike litter boxes for cates, dog litter boxes are a bit more difficult to find. Talking about ease of cleanliness, you can clean them daily with water and soap.

7. Indoor Dog Potty with Sides

If you’re looking for a toilet for dogs, give this option a chance. This indoor dog potty comes with elevated sides. They keep the solid waste inside, so your canine friends won’t soil the furniture or apartment surfaces.

The raised sides ensure that canines don’t fall off balance. Also, they prevent nasty spills. I recommend choosing a low-height indoor dog potty. It is ideal for pups, arthritic dogs, and senior dogs.

You can use an indoor dog potty with newspapers, pee pads, or canine litter. Furthermore, the stuff is not difficult to clean.

Place the indoor dog potty with sides under the window to keep the bad smell out. Moreover, when shopping for it, make sure that the material is sturdy.

Can You Use a Toilet for Dogs When Potty Training?

Some canine owners use simple toilets for dogs during the potty training process. That’s why I suggest you do so. This gives your pet a space to relieve itself even when it cannot go outside.

You may want to train your canines to pee or defecate in a certain spot. If that’s the case, then put the indoor toilet there. Definitely, they’ll go there whenever they really need to urinate.

Can Any Canine Use a Pet Toilet?

It’s a bit challenging to teach both male dogs and large dogs to use their toilets without causing a mess. Consider purchasing a bigger toilet for a larger dog breed.

For canines with physical limitations, give them low-height toilets. If you have senior male dogs, try using plastic to cover the walls and floor. It helps prevent splashes.

How Do You Properly Clean a Dog Toilet?

For indoor natural grass or fake grass toilet, you must get rid of the excrement or training pad first. Then, clean or dispose of it.

Next, remove the grass from the litter tray. After that, flush the dog pee down your toilet. Lastly, clean the base using both soap and water. For disposable pads, throw them away once they become soiled.

No matter what kind of toilet for dogs you pick, always consider your dwelling and canine’s differences first. This does not only ensure that the product is worth the purchase but also makes the doggy happy.

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