How to Get Rid of Bats Attic for Good

It is never a great feeling to share your home with pesky intruders like bats. This animal typically creates a scratching sound. You should tackle the issue well before everything gets worse. Let’s learn some superb techniques on how to get rid of bats attic here.

Bats are crucial to the environment. Apart from working as seed spreaders and pollinators, they eat plenty of bothersome bugs. That’s why people should keep them around, but not in their attics.

Since bats can transmit zoonotic diseases like rabies, it’s important to deter them. Here are some effective ways to remove those winged friends humanely.

1. How to Get Bats Out of Your House with Mothballs

Mothballs make a quite good bat deterrent. They contain an active ingredient, namely naphthalene, which is poisonous to moths.

Unlike other bat removal products, mothballs are suitable for indoor use. Moreover, their solid naphthalene will transform into vapor directly due to the sublimation process.

The particles can surely cause nausea and vomiting in bats. However, mothballs are only lethal in very high quantities. Furthermore, they’re ideal for small spaces.

Keep in mind that mothballs help deter bats in your attic, but they’re not great at keeping them out. If their particles dissipate, chances are they’ll return.

Do not forget to keep mothballs away from both pets and children. The naphthalene particles are very toxic to them.

2. Hang a Mirror

Speaking of how to get rid of bats attic, consider installing a mirror. It’s another marvelous way to use light for eliminating them.

Angle the mirror towards the attic’s ceiling during the daytime because bats like hanging upside down. Then, shine a bright light on it. This will disturb the rest of the bats. Another option is hanging mirrors in strategic spots to reflect light.

Small mirrors work the same way as any reflective surface. Simply install them near bats’ roosting areas.

Hanging mirrors are not great deterrents. However, they are inexpensive and truly easy to find. You should use them with other bat removal techniques.

3. Seal Up Cracks and Holes – How to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic Naturally

Bats love hanging out in caves in the wild during the daytime. They will look for any dark space that can provide great protection and shelter. No wonder you typically spot them in attics and wall cracks.

Talking about techniques on how to get rid of bats attic, removing possible entry points is a must. It will prevent any unwanted bat infestation. Before filling up any holes, make sure that they have left your house.

Seal up the holes with a metal web. It is not only malleable to fit in different crevices but also difficult for bats to chew through.

Apply an expandable foam sealant to fill up the tiny holes in a metal mesh nicely. You must ensure proper ventilation and use work safety equipment since it’s toxic if inhaled.

4. Try Bat Cones – How to Get Rid of Bats under Roof Tiles

Speaking of how to get rid of bats attic, try installing bat cones. They can trap bats inside inadvertently. This technique lets the bats fly out. However, it keeps them from returning.

Just nail the base of the bat cone to an opening. Point it towards the ground, so bats cannot enter the tube with ease. They may gather around the opening for few days. However, they’ll realize that your attic isn’t the right place for them.

5. Use Essential Oils – How to Get Rid of Bats Attic

If you have been spotting a bat or two in your attic, then using essential oils to get rid of bats is a brilliant idea. It prevents them from creating a nest.

Since essential oils have pungent scents, the bats will find them unpleasant. The strong smell helps to scare them away. Make sure to purchase peppermint, cinnamon, or eucalyptus essential oils.

Mix 2-3 drops of essential oil with ½ cup of sugar and 2 cups of warm water. Shake the mixture well. Then, spray it around the affected areas until they’re damp.

6. Play with Temperature

Most bat types prefer temperatures ranging from 80 to 90°F. Anything more or less than that obviously will deter them.

I suggest you purchase heaters. The ultimate goal is to make the nest of bats rise to 100°F or higher. Moreover, the devices will turn your attic into a dry and hot place. To know how many heaters you’ll need, measure the attic’s dimensions first.

7. Install an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – How to Get Rid of Bats Attic

You can scare the bats off with an ultrasonic pest repeller. This device can emit loud sounds. The human inhabitants might find it irritating, too.

The ultrasonic sounds help you deter bats. Consider staying out of the room if a family member uses the ultrasonic setting. Place the device 20-100 cm above the floor.

8. Apply Phenol

Bats are certainly more sensible to fragrances than people. Using phenol for them is a great idea. It normally comes in the crystal form and spray can. The latter option is ideal for vertical surfaces, but the smell typically doesn’t last long.

On the contrary, crystals are suitable for horizontal surfaces and bat roosting areas. They usually last longer than spray cans. If you plan on using phenol in your attic, be sure to reapply it regularly and take precautions when handling it.

9. Install a Bat Net

Using a bat net is such a fabulous technique on how to get rid of bats attic. Moreover, it can cover several tiny holes or a big hole. Be sure to identify their entry points first.

You must enable the bat net to hang down. This lets bats fly out under it, but when they try going back in, the net will confound them.

10. Call a Professional

In some cases, bat removal products can’t eliminate longstanding infestations. That’s why hiring a wildlife control company can be the best technique on how to get rid of bats attic.

The company has the facilities, workers, and specialties. Although this is the most costly solution on my list, it’s worth trying.

Those are some excellent techniques on how to get rid of bats attic. Remember, the ultimate goal is not to exterminate the bats but to remove them. Although they’re unwelcome guests, they make good neighbors.

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