How Do You Get Rid of Chipmunks in Humane Ways

How do you get rid of chipmunks? have you found the right way to do it? If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s better to look for it immediately.

We all know that squirrels are cute animals, indeed. However, have you ever had a question like “are chipmunks destructive” pop up in your mind? If so, then that is indeed how the way they are.

Chipmunks are the burrowing ground squirrels that have been known to easily sneak wherever they are, especially in your home and backyard.

And then, unbeknownst to you, these naughty animals will damage everything they ever come across. So, of course, it won’t be delightful for everyone.

Therefore, understanding the way how do you get rid of chipmunks will significantly affect whether later these animals will keep coming back or not.

Subsequently, there are many ways on how do you get rid of chipmunks. However, before we move on to that part, it’s good for you first to identify the signs of their presence.

Moreover, there are some reasons why you have to keep them away as well.

Without turning to another page, you will get all the answers you need to solve the chipmunks’ problem in this article. So, let’s get ready to read it!

Signs of Chipmunks Presence in Your Backyard

No matter how do you get rid of chipmunks, it won’t be compelling enough if you can’t identify the signs of their presence first. There are four points; in total, you must recognize that these creatures roam in your garden.

Suppose you only find one or two among the signs mentioned below. Then, it might not be the chipmunks have done it. Instead, it was another critter’s work.

However, when you discover all these indications altogether, you can consider their presence around your home confidently. That way, you can immediately choose the safest way on how do you get rid of chipmunks.

1. Chipmunks’ Footprints are the Simplest Evidence You Can Find

The first and easiest way to recognize the presence of chipmunks around your house is through their footprints. Moreover, it has been recognized as effective by many animal trackers.

Anatomically, squirrel feet have four toes in front and five toes behind. So, if you find footprints that look like this, then you should be suspicious if there are chipmunks that are indeed wandering in your house.

Apart from footprints, you can also identify squirrels’ existence by looking at the droppings or poops they had left behind, whether it’s in your home or the backyard.

After knowing this first point, don’t hurry to decide how do you get rid of chipmunks. Instead, please look at the following signs as well.

2. Messy and Destroyed Backyard

Chipmunks will eat anything they find in your backyard. Be it flower buds, fruits, even tubers in the ground. At any worse, they even eat other plants that other animals don’t like.

In that case, your garden or backyard will look messier, and there are damaged planting slots everywhere as well.
Furthermore, if you have found many of your plantings are gone, then it is indeed the chipmunk that took it.

3. Found Tons of Piles Seed Shells Underneath

Besides destroying and eating all your plants, another sign that can prove that chipmunks inhabit your house is many spilled grain shells under your bird feeder.

Indeed, it could be other animals that eat these seeds. Therefore, let’s look at the final sign before deciding to take the most effective way on how do you get rid of chipmunks immediately.

4. There are Some Holes Around Your House

Last but not least, the holes around your dwelling are significant evidence of the existence of chipmunks. At first, it will be difficult for you to find these holes. It’s because most of them are small enough to see.

But more than that, if you want to make sure that the hollows are chipmunks’ burrows, then make sure that all of them are located close to your planting area.

Please check it out in your backyard right now. If you find a few, trust me, it’s time for you to take steady steps of how do you get rid of chipmunks without a second thought.

The Ultimate Reasons You Have to Keep the Chipmunks Out of Your Home and Garden

From the previous explanation, you agree that behind the cuteness of the chipmunk, this animal can put you in big trouble for your home and garden maintenance as well.

But, again, it’s still possible for you to keep them away from your home. There will be some ways on how do you get rid of chipmunks in this article.

However, before moving on there, I will let you know some of the ultimate reasons that require you to keep these animals away from your home.

Here are some of the reasons you have to keep in mind.

1. Chipmunks are The Proficient Diggers

You may ever think about “how did a chipmunk get in my house?” so many times. And after reading this article, I assure you will get a clear answer to it.

Chipmunks can get into your home effortlessly as they are good diggers. They burrow the ground from your yard to everywhere they end. And this critter could reach it to your home foundation too.

Indeed, some hollows in your backyard won’t be complicated as they will mess your yard. And you still can continue cleaning it after all.

But burrowing that mess up your foundation is on another level. It will destabilize your home and damage it over time.

If you aren’t considering making some improvements immediately, it will ruin everything. You know that some reparations take you many expenses, don’t you?

Before it happens to you, you better look for the precise way on how to seal a chipmunk hole on the internet. Alternatively, contact professionals to get another safest solution.

2. Chipmunks are Omnivores

As you have already known, chipmunks eat everything, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plantations. They even eat insects.

Suppose one day you discover your home is far from insects. Maybe that’s good news. But if you find all your crops consumed by these animals, then it’s a disaster.

That’s why it’s so crucial for you to find the best method on how do you get rid of chipmunks quickly because that’s the only way to save your garden.

How Do You Get Rid of Chipmunks Forever?

Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for the most, the section that will tell you how do you get rid of chipmunks safely and humanely. So, without further ado, let’s find the answer in the nine strategies below.

1. Keep Your Home and Backyard Clean and Tidy

Do many people often wonder what is a home remedy to get rid of chipmunks? Yes, they do. Therefore, sustainably cleaning your house and garden are the solution.

Those cleaning method means cleaning and removing all the fruit that has fallen from the tree in your backyard. It is because chipmunks like places that have tons of food sources for themselves.

Moreover, try to arrange bird feeders away from spots where these critters are likely to walk, such as porches and fences. It would be better to put a bird feeder on the ground instead.

Further, you have to get rid of all the piles of twigs, small rocks, and shrubs that are close to the foundation of your house because those are the most comfortable place for chipmunks to hide.

After making sure that your house is in a pleasing arrangement, but you can still find chipmunks around. That way, you have to jump to the following strategy of how do you get rid of chipmunks effectively.

2. What Smell Do Chipmunks Hate? Indeed, Garlic and Daffodils

Suppose you’re asking is there a natural chipmunks repellent you can plant in your yard. The answer is, indeed, garlic and daffodils. Yes, they hate this scent very much.

However, if you are not the type of person who likes garlic plantings in the garden, it’s also a good idea to replace it with some hair clippings.

Don’t be surprised, because factually, chipmunks also really hate the smell of humans. So by sprinkling your hair clippings around the house, it is inevitable that these critters won’t enter your home anymore.

3. Try Cayenne Pepper Too

Let’s move to the next strategy on how do you get rid of chipmunks most safely. Again, it is about using cayenne pepper as their liquid repellent.

Then, how to get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper? Answering this question, you merely need to mix a quarter of water with two tablespoons of cayenne pepper, then boil it for some minutes.

Next, you will need to cool it for a few moments before mixing it with the olive oil. Be sure to put this mixture in a suitable spray bottle, so you can shake it every time you use it.

Using this chipmunk’s liquid-repellent will indeed be safe because it does not contain harmful toxins to your pets.

However, if you want something more practical, you can also get instant liquid-repellent in supermarkets at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, these repellents do not last long, especially during the rainy season. So, make sure to always re-spray this liquid afterward to prevent the chipmunks from coming back.

4. Dry Repellent Never Go Wrong

Unlike liquid repellents, which don’t last as long, dry repellents tend to be more durable even on rainy days. There are many chipmunk’s dry repellent products that you can find at stores. Most of them are granules.

It can be sprinkled anywhere, not only in your backyard but also in your home and in every corner of the foundation where these critters may sneak into.

By using this durable dry repellent, the chances of chipmunks burrowing the ground are pretty small. Besides using ready-to-use products, you can also consider using cayenne pepper as a dry repellent as well.

You only have to sprinkle it around your house without going through the boiling process, as the previous section already explains.

5. Electronic Repellent System

Another repellent recommendation comes with the electric one. Many people say that this electric repellent is not only able to keep chipmunks away from your home but also works well for other pests too.

Besides being effective for all backyard critters, this tool is, indeed, affordable for you to buy.

To activate this electrical repellent system is quite simple. You only need to connect it to a power source close to the area you want to protect, and everything will be clear.

As a further option, some tools use motion triggers to turn it on.

Among many advantages they provide to you, unfortunately, this chipmunks’ electric repellent is only able to keep these critters away from your backyard without preventing them from burrowing.

6. What about Keeping a Dog?

Jumping to the next method on how do you get rid of chipmunks. You could say this is a fairly conventional way, though, by keeping a dog as your chipmunk’s hunter.

Naturally, the hunting ability possessed by dogs can help you in getting rid of these critters quickly.

Dogs can smell the presence of chipmunks even when they are hiding in hollows. Once they find it, the dogs will keep digging the burrow until the squirrels start moving on.

Even so, many people consider this method inhumane because the dog may eat the chipmunks they catch.

7. Put Chipmunks Trap

Thinking about how do you get rid of chipmunks humanely, then the trap cages can be your best answer.

Trapping chipmunks have done to next set them free far from your home. In that case, you have to acknowledge the local laws ruling trapping and releasing animals into wildlife before considering doing this method.

It’s not complicated to catching chipmunks using traps. However, you can only go with some fruit, seed, or other food that can attract these critters to come in.

Ensure to preparing all these trapping tools by using gloves. Otherwise, you will ruin the trapping process as you already touch every element needed.

Also, because chipmunks hate the human smell, they won’t ever come to the cages.

8. Additional Barriers

How do you get rid of chipmunks from your garden effectively?

Answering that question, the most precise way on how to keep chipmunks out of planters is by adding other barriers to your planting lots. It could be a gravel border or even a little mulch.

Consider not to use shrub because it would be the best place for chipmunks to hide instead.

Alternatively, you can make specific cages to protect your planters from sneaky chipmunks.

9. Applying Mesh Fencing

What will keep chipmunks away? The last strategy to solve this problem is by applying mesh fencing.

Many people agree that constructing mesh fencing around your garden can protect your yard from chipmunks. Moreover, considering arranging them close to your home foundation is also an excellent option to choose.

Apart from putting it near your porch, fence, and wall, some argue that the L-shaped one is the most effective design in protecting your home from chipmunks’ attacks. So, have you already picked one to add?

How do you get rid of chipmunks will, of course, affect whether they will come back or not. So, try to do the preventive things mentioned above well.

Alternatively, if you need an eviction without getting yourself involved in some “how do you get rid of chipmunks” tricks, call a professional to sort it out, then, may your home be far from chipmunks’ problem!

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