20 Ways of How to Hang String Lights in Backyard without Trees

Are you looking for ways of how to string lights in backyard without trees? As enjoying the night view in the backyard is surely a blessing not anyone could get, a nicely arranged lighting will make it whole. In
case there are no support systems, like trees, to hang string lights, you could prepare one yourself.

This article will help you see 20 ways to hang string lights in the backyard with no trees. It is time to get
creative, everyone. The list below is ready; let us explore it!

1. Deck Handrail

deck handrail ideas

To have a similar atmosphere, you will need string lighting that comes with mounting clips. The job of
stringing the light is so easy that you could get it done in no time.
However, this kind of setting only works wonderfully in decks with no kids around. As the lighting is easy
to reach, getting your skin in contact with hot bulbs will be annoying and hurtful. What if that happens
to children, do not even imagine.

2. Onto Decorations

Onto Decorations ideas

It is a matter of creativity, everyone. Everything could support your string lights, even this wreath
decoration. Wrap the strings around the wreath or any decoration pieces you have, and, voila, your new
type of lighting is on the way. Just make sure that the wrapping is tidy without leaving any dangling cord.

3. Using Fabric

using fabric glue

Does it make sense that you can create a romantic atmosphere using fabric? Of course, if you know how
to do it! The fabric we are talking about here is none other than sunshade sail used in old boats, which
has a thick layer and waterproof.
Spread the fabric approximately 2 meters above the ground where no adults could bump their heads
onto it when standing. Then, attach the string lights tracing the fabric line. In this case, it uses LED string
lights to get dimmer exposure and exude romanticism.

4. Along a Fence

landscaping along a fence ideas

Making use of a fence is probably the easiest way to string the lights. You do not need to do other jobs
aside from putting the string light along the fence. Fence lighting creates intimacy in your whole
backyard with a soft glow.

5. Wrap the Fence

wrap fence post

Depending on the type of fence and lamp, you could find a different way of hanging string lights. This is
another means of hanging them using a fence. The previous example gets away with larger bulbs on the
strings draped along a longer fence, while this one uses smaller lamps.

Therefore, it needs more sets wrapped around the fence to get the same if not greater effect of lighting.
The only downside of this idea is the look it results in is rather messy. Nevertheless, if you tend to like
artistic things, this kind of mess is surely not a matter, is not it?

6. Suspended Using Fence

suspended using fences

Your summer nights will be the best nights throughout the year with this idea. By suspending the string
lights across the pool using the help of a fence, you will get a backyard full of artificial fireflies.
Set the height in however you see fit. Various height settings for each strand are more preferable. Only
by then you could get the real illusion of fireflies flying up and down.

7. Cross and Over Gazebo

Cross and Over Gazebo ideas

It will be amazing to have this kind of setting in your backyard gazebo. You can go and chitchat
comfortably due to adequate lighting. It is not only around; the lighting arrangement is also cross and
over the seating part. Adopt this pattern to get the nicest outdoor moment under the night sky.

8. Starry Gazebo Ceiling

Starry Gazebo Ceiling

With this way of string lights hanging, you would not mind cloudy nights anymore. The lighting could
heal your yearning heart of stars this way. Attaching the strands to the gazebo underside is the only job
you need to do to have this starry ceiling, easy peasy.

9. Around Gazebo Top

around gazebo topper

With this idea, you can now give your gazebo lighting as well as a decoration. By setting some strands of
string lights around the top of the gazebo, you have a lovely-lit outdoor space in the middle of the
darkness. To get more flair that is dramatic, set also some ground lamps that led you the way to it.

10. Make Use of House Structure

make use of house structure examples

Before getting started to make the support system, take a stroll around your backyard and see if your
house structure could be of any help. For example, if the house roofing comes with a protruded part like
the one you see in the picture, that very part could help you hang the end of the strings.

Where does the other end go? Well, do you remember about the previous plan of making some support
system? It is time to execute it. The other end of the strings goes with the support system you make.

11. On Covered Patio

add on covered patio ideas

Who needs trees when you have covered patio as grand as this? Hanging the string lights will be an easy
job ever. As you can see, covered patios always come with a roofing structure where you could hang the
lights. The patio in the picture is no exception.

The last problem would be the best hanging style for your patio. The zigzag pattern is the most popular
since it surely covers the whole area and gives adequate lighting under the patio.

However, this pattern does not fit any design of the patio roof, especially the ones with ceiling fans.
Your safest bet will be running the lights in straight lines across the ceiling. Measuring the space is what
to do first. You would want the electrical outlet to be reachable.

After that, consider ways to anchor the lights. Coaxial staples, nails, and adhesive hooks are the options
you have to do it.

12. Under Pergola

under pergola lighting

Pergola plays a nice role in your backyard. It lets you do almost all indoor activities under it outdoor,
including holding a family banquet with a festive atmosphere. Before dinnertime comes, however,
outdoor lighting should be the first thing to consider.

Some length of rope lighting would do the job. You could extend the strings from one side to another
and let the middle part dangle right above the dining table. It could create a completely new set as if you
are somewhere else but backyard.

13. Imaginary Pergola Wall

Imaginary Pergola Wall ideas

You are looking at another example of pergola lighting now. This one uses a bunch of strands to make
some kind of imaginary glowing wall. The assumption is, of course, depending on individual sight
because some people might prefer to see it more like raining lights.

Well, however you choose to feel, whether it is a wall, or rain, the matter with the hanging strands do an
amazing job is definitely out of question.

14. Posts in Four Corners

Posts in Four Corners

The most popular way to hang string lights is by installing posts in every corner. Give the posts a good
distance between one and another. If you want to cover a larger area, adding some other posts will

In this picture, the posts use planters to hold them straight. If you do not have planters whatsoever,
push back the posts a little bit so the bottom meets the ground. There you could dig some holes deep
enough to help the posts to stand still.

Tools and supplies needed to execute this idea are 16-foot pressure treated 4×4, C hooks to secure the
lights to the posts, ladder for hanging the lights, and shovel. Firstly, dig four holes, put in the posts, and
make sure they form a rectangle or square altogether.

Secondly, screw the C hooks in on the top of the post and run your lights. Next, position an electrical
outlet near enough before testing the lights.

15. Posts in a Line

setting posts in a straight line

If in the former idea we talk about how to make the posts stand straight using planters or holes in the
ground, this time we are going to discuss none of the above. Well, this is another alternative besides the
two said ways: tying to fence. It is for you who are not so into DIY projects.

16. Side Posts and Concrete

side posts and concrete fence

Do you want to go rustic in the backyard? Well, hang the string lights with the help of two side posts on
concrete, then. The side posts here are just an example. If you do not want to use tree stems because it
goes against the idea ‘without tree’, then substitute them with posts used previously.

It does not matter what kind of posts you use. What matters are the posts’ placement and support
system. Here, you see that only two posts used to hang the strings, which planted in concrete bucket.
So, you find yet another way to make them to stand still.

17. Using Outdoor Privacy Screen

Using Outdoor Privacy Screen

You could also have a private space outside using a screen. It is a more affordable version of gazebo and
pergola. In other words, to have a nice outdoor private space, setting a screen is more than enough.
Drape some rope lights also to add lighting comfort.

18. Under Your Umbrella

under your umbrella definition

While gazebo and pergola are for big occasions, umbrella could replace them in accommodating a warm
and small event. Using the structure to slip in and out the string lights, you would not need other tools
to have enough lighting, would not you?

19. On Top of Umbrella

umbrella on top of haram

This idea is just as easy as the previous one. You only need to arrange the string lights on top of the
umbrella and there, you have done the job.

However, unlike the under idea, you should pay attention to the color, type, and thickness of the fabric.
Since the strings are above, the light might not able to pierce through underneath and illuminate the
activity in it.

Thus, the fabric of the umbrella should be in a bright tone (white is preferable) and not too thick to let
the light shines through.

20. On the Wall

on the wall or in the wall

This idea needs only a little effort in the making. Using a hammer and some nails, you could get another
lighting source at night from the string lights hammered on the wall. It does not stop there because your
bare wall will have a nice decoration as well.
I guess, it is not going overboard to move the tea party venue there, is not it?

  • Aside from the ways to hang, types of string lights you use will determine the atmosphere they result in.
    There are various choices of string lights, and this article will disclose them as a bonus tip for you. At
    least, seven of which are the best for outdoor use. Here is the list.
  • Adhesive rope string lights; they are the latest invention in the category, use LED technology,
    and easy to install.
  • Battery operated portable LED string lights; they are famous for their other name ‘fairy lights’,
    give personal touch and texture, glow mildly, portable, and could light up your backyard for 64
    hours and more.
  • Curtain string lights; they are fabric friendly. You could use them alongside fabric material
    without worrying about burning problems.
  • Globe string lights; they add comfort in the set, cheaper than any other types in the group, and
    waterproof. Hang them without the bulbs to prevent them from breaking.
  • Ornamental string lights; they are easy to handle, waterproof, battery-operated, portable, and
    offer the best color combination.
  • Tube rope LED string lights; they use solar as an energy source, made of water-resistant PVC,
    and could light up an area for 17 hours if fully charged.
  • Wire rope LED string lights; they are bendable, waterproof, and solar-powered.

After viewing the 20 ideas of how to hang string lights in backyard without trees, have you found the
best one for your occasion? Make use of everything you have at their optimal potential and always be
careful during the installation process.
It is advisable to take off all the bulbs when hanging the rope and take it back on when the last thing to
do is press the switch on button.

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