How to Keep Dogs Out of Yard Humanely

For those who live in neighborhoods, having a stray dog that gets into their properties can be a nuisance. Although they’ve had a fence, that doesn’t necessarily drive it away.

If you’re dealing with the same problem, it’s time to know how to keep dogs out of yard.

Some homeowners want to stop the neighbor’s dogs from wandering through their yards because they want pet-free gardens. Meanwhile, others hate cleaning up little or large droppings of stray canines.

Here, I’ve collected some great methods. Instead of using them all, choose the options that suit your current situation.

Reasons Dogs Roam Around in Other People’s Yards

Before talking about how to keep dogs out of yard, you should know why they venture into your area first. Here are those two main reasons.

  • Looking for a Mate

Sometimes, canines want to find love. However, that normally doesn’t happen in their own space. The unneutered male dogs might wander off searching for female companies in heat and vice versa.

  • Exploring New Environments

Dogs are undoubtedly curious animals. They typically get bored with their usual environment. Canines love to come onto other’s people properties simply because of curiosity and boredom.

Reasons to Keep Neighbor’s Dogs Off Your Lawn

Some people simply hate dogs that get into their yards, while others have certain reasons why they don’t want neighbor’s canines on theirs. Let’s find out the reasons below.

  • Dogs Sometimes Do a Business Away from Their Own Space

Dogs normally mark their areas with feces or urine. That’s why it’s crucial to keep them from entering your yard. Thou certainly don’t want to take responsibility for their leftover, right?

  • Someone Else’s Dogs Might Frighten Your Pets

Canines always act on instinct. No wonder they like chasing other animals. If there are cats in your yard, a neighbor’s dog might chase them. This certainly leaves your pets fearful and anxious.

  • Stray Dogs Can be a Real Safety Concern

As a homeowner, you must discuss how to keep dogs out of yard with your spouse. Most canines are friendly. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t bite.

A roaming dog could put everyone’s safety at high risk. Remember that well-behaved canines act differently when they’re away from their owners.

  • Dogs Might Damage or Chew On Your Property

Puppies and badly behaved dogs love to chew on things. When a stray dog finds something interesting on your property, don’t be surprised if it destroyed yours.

Rottie and German Shepherd dogs are certainly strong chewers. You must keep an eye out for them at all times because they might chew on your house siding.

  • Neighbor’s Dogs Might Dig in Your Garden

Some canines love to dig, particularly in soft garden dirt. Sometimes, they make a hole to save their toys after finding the right spot on a squishy lawn.

How to Keep Dogs Out of Yard Successfully

Now, you know the reasons why dogs like getting into other people’s yards. I’ve also explained why many homeowners want to keep them off theirs.

If you’re looking for brilliants ways on how to keep dogs out of yard, let’s dive into these tactics for stopping them from wandering through your property.

1. Approach Your Neighbors to Keep Their Dogs Away from Your Yard

You’re probably wondering how to keep a dog from pooping in your yard. It will keep doing the same thing unless you also stop that animal from going into your property.

Of course, this requires extensive training to let a stray canine in without leaving little or large “presents”.

Before taking more serious measures, you need to entice your neighbor first. Many dog owners do not know that their pets roam the neighborhood.

Tell him/her about your concerns, whether the dogs mark their territory or it’s a safety issue.

Try saying to your neighbor that you care about his/her dogs. Canines surely can be in danger when they come in contact with poisons, cars, and dangerous circumstances. Do not rail or yell against them.

If you talk to your neighbor in a non-threatening way, she/he will certainly be considerate. Moreover, you two can resolve the issue amicably.

Just in case you and your neighbor don’t have an agreeable solution, fear not. Let’s move on to several other methods!

2. Get Rid of Attractions to Neighbor’s Dogs to Your Yard

When it comes to how to keep dogs out of yard, you need to understand that they’re curious. I recommend eliminating objects of curiosity on the lawn, so it’s not so appealing.

Dogs undeniably have a great sense of smell. They’re very attracted to other animal’s food, garbage, and BBQs. It’s important to eliminate food sources for canines.

If you have pets, I suggest feeding them inside or putting their plates away once they’ve eaten.

Another way on how to keep dogs out of yard is removing the toys of your kids and canine friends. Consider putting them in a shed or garage.

Do you have a female canine? I recommend getting her spayed thus she doesn’t become an attraction to male dogs. By doing so, they won’t mate her.

3. How to Keep Dogs Out of Yard with Garden Plants

Did you know that strong smells can repel dogs? That’s the reason I strongly suggest growing citrus trees, onions, or garlic in your garden.

Thorny plants like roses also prevent neighbor’s dogs from straying into your yard. You should add them in strategic areas.

The scent of certain garden fertilizers attracts dogs to your lawn because they contain animal products like fish emulsion and bonemeal.

You can keep the soil healthy without attracting stray canines by using plant-based fertilizers.

4. Remove Water Sources

Don’t know how to keep your neighbor’s dog out of your yard? Try applying this method. Since canines love drinking lots of water, you must eliminate water sources.

Remove standing water sources like fish ponds and birdbaths. Moreover, you have to get rid of a kid’s pool in your yard.

Avoid watering your lawn too much. Remember that small pools of water can attract neighbor’s dogs to the yard easily.

5. Clean Up Your Neighbor’s Dog Excrement Immediately

Speaking of how to keep dogs out of yard, try removing their droppings quickly. Canines use smell to know where they’ve gone. By removing their waste immediately and diluting the smell, you keep them from returning.

After cleaning up the droppings of the dogs, quench the afflicted area with water. Another option is adding a dog repellent to it. Consider using baking soda to remove the smell left of their poop from your yard.

Cleaning up the mess quickly is one of the awesome ways on how to keep dogs out of yard. By doing so, they won’t attract their friends to the lawn to investigate.

6. Use a Dog Repellent for Yard

Curious to know how to keep dogs out of yard? Consider using commercial repellents. They typically come in liquid or granular form. You must apply them to your yard or around its perimeter.

Commercial repellents produce strong odors that are not attractive to canines. Moreover, you need to apply them regularly.

The numbers of reapplications vary by product. In addition, the effectiveness will greatly depend on the dog’s bread as well as personality.

If you plan on using a commercial repellent, do some research first. Also, make sure that it’s completely safe for your kids, dogs, and anything else in your yard.

Some people avoid purchasing a commercial repellent. Then, as a solution, you can try a homemade dog repellent.

Whether you decide to use a homemade dog repellent for lawns or the commercial one, be careful of its side effects. Now it’s time to explain few kinds of dog repellents below.

  • Citrus

Orange and lemon peels certainly can repel canines with the smell. Unfortunately, they attract both rats and mice. Due to their visually unappealing look, you should only add them to your backyard.

  • Ammonia

Searching for an effective way on how to keep dogs out of yard? Give this method a chance. Canines hate the smell of ammonia, so place some ammonia-soaked cotton balls in strategic areas.

Avoid pouring the ammonia onto the ground because it may damage your garden plants. By applying this method, you’ll need to deal with its smell.

  • Mouse Traps

If you’re dealing with medium to larger-sized canines, consider using rat traps. Moreover, the traps won’t hurt your neighbor’s dogs but will only drive them away.

Be careful though, that mouse traps can injure your neighbor’s dogs and break their bones. Also, you need to be aware of small kids in the yard before trying this method out.

  • Commercial sprays or granules

If you want to use commercial dog repellent sprays or granules, be sure to reapply them regularly. Furthermore, I suggest reapplying the spray after the rain.

7. How to Scare Dogs Away with a Motion-Activated Sprinkler System

Talking about how to keep dogs out of yard, I seriously recommend installing a motion-activated sprinkler system.

Unlike most sprinklers that people use to water lawns, it serves a different purpose: to prevent animals from coming onto your property.

Just set the sprinkler up along the yard’s perimeter. It works by hitting the dogs with a jet of water when they breach the boundary. The shock is enough to deter dogs and other critters like bunnies and fawns.

8. How to Keep Dogs Out of Yard with an Ultrasonic Sound Barrier

Speaking of ways on how to keep dogs out of yard, try installing an ultrasonic sound barrier. It will annoy canines and stop them from entering your property. However, this device might not be effective for all dog breeds.

9. Install an Invisible Boundary

When it comes to how to keep dogs out of yard, many people typically opt for an invisible boundary outlining their properties. You can create it by spraying vinegar on your sidewalks and fences.

This idea isn’t suitable for a large yard but can work in certain areas and situations well. Moreover, you must reapply the vinegar regularly.

Be sure to spray the vinegar on inorganic surfaces like rocks. Don’t apply it in large quantities. By doing so, the solution won’t kill your grass and plants.

10. How to Keep Dogs out of Yard with a Fence

I suggest you install a fence to deter canines. However, it’s undeniably one of the most costly ways on how to keep dogs out of yard.

A fence offers multiple benefits. Not only does it keep unwanted dogs off the property, but also prevents your pets and kids from getting out.

You can install a shorter, traditional picket fence in your yard. Another option is using a wall of arborvitaes or pine trees to create a natural boundary.

11. Give Your Inconsiderate Neighbors Doggy Bags

Sometimes, neighbors walk past your yard. However, if they let their pets do their business there, it may be harder to keep them out.

Try adding a sign and offering your distant neighbors doggy bags. Don’t hesitate to ask them to clean up after their pets.

12. Report Your Unmindful Neighbor to the Local Ordinances

If none of the previous tactics work, then report your inconsiderate neighbors to the animal control shelter. The local authorities normally will send someone out to visit you, be ready to give them evidence of your claims.

Be aware this method may destroy a great relationship with your neighbor. I recommend calling local ordinances after you truly have exhausted other options.

Don’t Apply These Methods to Drive Dogs Away

Roaming dogs definitely can be a nuisance. However, you should never try any of these tactics when dealing with them.

  • Don’t Use Dog Repellents That Contain Urine

Be sure that the dog repellent is free from coyote urine. The scent can repel other animals, but canines are attracted to it.

  • Don’t Use Hot Peppers

Hot peppers like black pepper and Cayenne pepper can injure humans, canines, and other animals with direct contact.

  • Don’t Throw the Dog Droppings Back at Your Neighbor’s Yard

In many cities, the police can charge you. Moreover, it deteriorates a healthy bond with your next-door neighbor.

Those were several ways on how to keep dogs out of yard. Consistency is crucial to success. Since every canine has a different personality, you will probably need to apply more than one method for stopping them from getting in.

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