20 Best Ways on How to Reduce Traffic Noise in My Backyard

A backyard is a space where the inhabitants find the ultimate peace. The noise from outside is something unpleasant. I do not want that in my residence, especially in the backyard. That is why I will bring the topic of how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard today.

With that, there will be no more worry even if I am living near the road. I can enter the new world once I come back home and visit the backyard.

Here is a glimpse of tips from me that you can try to reduce the noise if you have similar problem. Do not let the usy motorway ruin your piece of paradise in the garden.

1. Brick Wall

brick wall background

Between one brick and another, their maximum density is a good reason why it becomes the best aesthetic noise reducer. The brick wall also blends well with whatever house theme you pick.

Without so much clutter, the brick wall is a perfect choice to make your house look classical. You can do the installation yourself, but it is better to get it done by professionals.

The cons you might find are that this wall is quite hard to arrange and costs you more than the regular fence. You also have to pay attention to its demanding maintenance.

2. Add Much Vegetation

Add Much Vegetation

The research said that vegetation could deflect the noise from the outside. Rather than a brick wall, the vegetation, like trees, shrubs, and potted flowers, are much more affordable and easy to find.

To maximize their function, you can plant them densely. There are many advantages of planting the vegetation  ecause they do not only absorb voice but also turn your backyard into a comfortable sanctuary.

The downside you are going to deal with this idea is when they grow higher. You have to cut them every so often. Otherwise, you will have a gloomy backyard.

3. Alluring Sound

alluring sound meaning
If you want an affordable way to reduce that annoying noise outside, how about battling it up with another voice? You can use the idea on a budget: put the tape recorder or CD player that plays those desirable sounds.

The enchanting sound of nature, the calming beach wave; those are the example of the alluring sounds you can play in your backyard to reduce the traffic noise. Calming music can reduce your stress, said the research.

4. Tall Fence

tall fence ideas
People love to live downtown, where they can easily find anything. If you are one of them, the consequence you must deal with is the 24/7 traffic noise that might bother your tranquility.

A tall fence is an idea to protect both your family and your peaceful mind. It is a maximum safeguard from burglary and can reduce the noise in your backyard. The acoustic fence is the most-preferred one since it delivers minimalism and is quite easy to install.

5. Shrubbery Fence

shrubbery privacy fence
Instead of that acoustic fence, the shrubbery fence is more affordable and natural. The wall features green-living plants that surround the backyard. It is a splendid decoration as well. With a nice arrangement, it can be the completing factor of a nice backyard landscape.

However, you must consider some cons that shrubbery fence brings. It is a bit fussy in maintenance, not suitable for the fire-prone patio area, and not so good to feature the minimalist house: since it makes the backyard looks stuffier.

6. Water Fountain

If your backyard is spacious enough for lavish decoration, you can opt for the water fountain as a noise reducer. The sound of the water fountain is calming, and it can decrease the noise outside. Its existence can also be a focal point in the backyard.

Usually, the decoration also features a mini-speaker that releases the falling water sounds so that it is a double noise reducer in the backyard.

Yet, the installation, as well as the maintenance, takes more budgets and you need to find the water fountain decoration that suits your house theme.

7. The Birdhouse

The Birdhouse
Two or three little birds chirping cannot reduce the noise outside your backyard. Anyhow, it is a splendid and relieving decoration that makes your little dream comes true.

The bird feeder can invite some birds to come, but you can give a little speaker that voices birdsong so that you can make a natural ambiance in your backyard. It provides a 'small house on the prairie' sensation, and it is good to be in that place on holiday.

8. Wood Fence with No Gaps

wood fence without gaps
The wood fence seems not severe enough to decrease that disturbing voice from outside. Do you think it is true? The matter of reducing the noise is not only about the material: the rigidity also plays an essential role.

You can build a wood fence, but make sure it is high enough as a border between your backyard and the outside world, and also no gaps between one wood boards to another.

9. Indoor Backyard

indoor backyard garden
The idea at first sounds odd, but it turns out it is an excellent way to make your backyard less noisy. You can start by making use of the space in the back part of the house: or simply build the new one if you have enough budgets.

If your vegetation needs enough light, then you can feature transparent roofing made up of polycarbonate. People consider the material as the best transparent rooftop material because it can withstand any temperature.

10. Noise Reducer Fence

Noise Reducer Fences
Some fence manufacturers specially make their products just to reduce the noise from the outside. The wall usually comes in layered style, so that the noise vibration does not quickly enter the backyard.

I suggest you buy a plastic noise-reducing fence. Besides its cold surface, the price is quite lower than the wooden layered fence. You want the material on a budget, right?

11. A Tiny Shed

a tiny seed was sleeping
As long as you place it well, the shed is not always a dull place only to store unused things. It can be an excellent small hut to stay, and it becomes your beautiful second house. When you cannot get any inspiration in your main home, why don't you look for the sanctuary in the shed?

The placement of the shed can affect its ability to absorb the sound and reduce the noise. You can build the hut near the alleyway because it is the best way to get out of the disturbing voice.

12. Wind Chime

wind chime glass
Comparing to other solutions above, the wind chime seems so inadequate. However, it can work in some conditions. For example, if the vehicles passing near your backyard are not too often.

The wind chime can turn the noise, brought by the wind, into a magnificent melody. This low-cost stuff also works like the beautiful backyard terrace decoration. If you want the ultimate noise reducer, you can also combine it with the layered fence.

13. Trees

Besides circulating the fresh and breathable air, trees are the elements that can help you reduce the annoying noise from the outside. For the backyard, opt for the trees in middle height like oak trees. It gives you a whooshing sensation that makes your yard homier.

Since it is impossible to wait for the trees growing high, you can buy mature trees. For a friendlier accent, you can build a birdbox or tree house – which can invite some birds – they help to reduce the noise.

14. Running Water

running water on mars toefl
If you run out of space in the backyard, instead of building falling water, you can have a running stream. It is such a glass plank with flowing water in the middle of it.

The decoration also features a tiny speaker that voices the flow of water. It is calming, a kind of self-therapy, and an active noise reducer on a budget. The decoration works well in a limited space. Thus, if you have a minimalist house, this is a great thing to buy.

15. Berm

The way on reducing traffic noise in the backyard is not only about building a fence or vegetation. You can also consider making a berm. People rarely apply the idea just because of the lack of information about it for amateurs.

A berm is a raised bank with some layers. Usually, it consists of rocks as the filling, covered by clay, following by the topsoil. You can plant the tiny trees on the berm, and this sound attenuation is an excellent accent.

16. Mass-Loaded Vinyl

mass loaded vinyl soundproofing
The product is a soundproofing barrier that can block the road sound on a budget. You can buy it online and just stick the vinyl to the fence. How do things work?

Do you know why there is no sound other than the movie sound inside the theater? It is because they feature the foam to block the noise. The mass-loaded vinyl has the same function, but it is more durable on the outside.

It comes not only in black shade. You can buy other colors such as white, pastel, or burgundy.

17. The Animal Help

the most helpful animal
Never feel so stressed about how grumpy it is the sound. Besides trying to block them, make a competition. How do you think about the natural chirping voice from the birds that can sing?

Consider keeping the singing birds in the backyard. The common nightingale is small, but its melodic voice brings you heaven. On the other hand, you can try with rose- breasted Grosbeak and Black-billed magpie; they are also the top 15 of birds blessed with an incredible voice.

18. Metal Fence

metal fence designs for homes
Do not give up when you are lack of budget. That does not mean that you cannot embrace the tranquility in your backyard. The metal fence is a cost-efficient idea that is easier to apply than other kinds of the barrier, be it the wood fence or brick fence.

Nevertheless, you must consider that the metal fence also has some weaknesses. The metal fence is not as sturdy as brick, and it is not aesthetically attractive as the backyard decoration and weak when it deals with the storm.

19. Climbing Plants

climbing plants indoor
The climbing plants give you an aesthetically pleasing feature, and it is also excellent natural soundproofing. They can accompany the fence you build and make it look greener. That is why many garden-hobbyists love to pick the option.

They are so many climbing plants that will give you pleasant vibes. The most preferred one is the vine, while other that gives you such a beautiful accent is the climbing rose.

20. Sound Absorbing Foam

sound absorbing foam for door
The sound-absorbing foam is the thing that you can still apply when you want to reduce the noise from the road. It can absorb the sound, and it can incorporate the heat as well.

You can place it around the dense fence so that it is a double blocker from the annoying road noise. It is quite affordable in price, easy to find on the online store, and easy to install.

However, you might find a con in the method. The foam is useful, but it is not that aesthetic. Not all people love the way their magnificent wood fence covered by the foam, even though it is on the inside.

You know that you can pick so many choices to block the noisy sound from the road to your backyard. Choose one from them, two, or even select all the choices, as long as they all suit your garden and do not bother its aesthetical side.

However, before applying the noise reducers, make sure you have thought about these:
● The theme of your backyard. Make sure you have picked one, so it does not look stuffy due to that many noise reducers.
● Its size. Put too much noise reducers are not advisable once you have only a tiny backyard. A shed is also not a good option.
● Your budget.
● The characteristic of the soil in your backyard, so that you can decide which vegetation you can plants.
● Your time. Having the living noise reducers like plants and animals requires your time, proper maintenance, and additional budget.

I have filled you in about ways on how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard. Which
one is the best and most proper for your backyard?

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