23 Outstanding Outdoor Rope Lights Ideas for Your Dream Events

Rope lighting is an outdoor lighting element, which can help create a beautiful moment in your
garden. They can give sparkle and welcoming the guest so they know where the party is. These
outdoor rope light ideas may give you more inspiration to enhance your outdoor events.

Outdoor Rope Light Ideas for Deck and Patio

Deck and patio may be the favorite place to gather and have a meeting. Rope lighting will be
able to illuminate the area so the place can be more comfortable to relax your guest. Many
simple tricks you can do with rope lights for deck and patio. Check this out.

1. Deck Railings underneath Rope Lights

Deck Railings underneath Rope Lights

Wrapping deck railings with rope lights give different ambiance in your patio. Dress your deck
railings up with different colored lights. You can either place the light underneath the handrail,
so the rope lights are unseen.

Choose the bright yellow light to illuminate the area. The light shining below the handrail gives
the unique look of the deck. Make sure you prepare enough rope light to place along the deck

2. Enhance Your Patio

Enhance Your Patio

Held a dinner, meeting, or hang out in an outdoor patio, lighting is very important for raising
your guest excitement. Enhance your wooden fence around the patio with bright rope lights to
delight their imagination.

To make a hilarious ambiance, you can choose twinkle lights with remote operation. The
decorations and lighting are suitable for gathering with friends, family, and relatives.

3. Rope Lights for Romantic Dinner

Rope Lights for Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinner with couple can last until midnight. Fortunately, decorating outdoors with these
beautiful rope light gives an ambiance against the trees. Hanging some jars with string light
inside can create a little more romantic feel during the dinner.

4. String Lights around the Patio

String Lights around the Patio

Patio can be the perfect place for dinner, meeting, or gathering with people. Enhance your patio
with rope lights on the railing. Combination between wooden railing colors and dim light can
add a romantic atmosphere during the night.

The light set against the dark sky makes your night meeting more interesting and warm. Place
more than a line of string light to get a unique look. You can also pick different colors to
decorate the railings.

5. Rope Lights under the Roof

Rope Lights under the Roof

The under roof rope lights installation gives a magical look on your patio. Make some lines with
rope lights crossing the canopy so the light will spread perfectly. The installation is seemly
matching to wooden furniture and floor, white curtains, and the trees surrounding.

Outdoor Rope Light Ideas; Shaped Light Ornaments

DIY ornaments always give surprisingly effect to your outdoor decoration. You can find some
tutorials to create ornaments easily from the internet. These are some rope light ornaments ideas
for your party.

6. Star Shaped Rope Light

Star Shaped Rope Light

You can shape rope lights into many designs and forms, especially the solid tubing. To make a
beautiful design, create a pattern out of wire or an available object. Then wrap the lights around
the pattern or object.

The method is easy and even works for every shape you want to produce from rope light. You
can hang some star-shaped rope lights on the branch of tree, a crossing-pathway rope, or place
everywhere in the backyard for party decorations.

7. Rope Lights Curtain

Rope Lights Curtain

Never left the door or window untouched when you are decorating the house. Create a magical
backdrop using rope lights.

These beautiful curtains made from star-shaped rope lights would be great for an outdoor
wedding party, birthday party, or any event where you would like an unforgettable result.

You can create many star-shaped rope lights with different size and color, and then joint them
with rope or cable. Place them above the windows or doors frame, so they will look more

8. String Lights Curtain

String Lights Curtain

Beautiful backdrop made by curtain of lights can be the favorite spot to take pictures. You can
use the rope lights curtain to separate your party area and outside. Pick enough amounts of string
lights to create a stunning curtain.

It is also the best decoration for Bollywood theme party decorations. The eye-catching string
lights curtain will make a beautiful memory for your guests.

9. Message in a Rope Lights Creation

Message in a Rope Lights Creation

Held an event in a large area, you should divide the place into some sections. As shown in the
picture, you can make a special corner for kids to make them enjoy the party. Create a letter
using rope lights so the guests know what the corner function is.

Making some figures from colorful rope lights also can give a more interesting look in the
corner. Place a wire net to avoid kids touch the lights and keep them safe.

10. Wonderful Window with Rope Lights

Wonderful Window with Rope Lights

For decorating windows, string lights are a good choice. Create an extra frame to the window
with artificial greenery and string lights can give a wonderful look to your exterior decoration.
You can hang the display using cable or stick them to the window's frame.

Outdoor Rope Light Ideas for Trees

Rope lighting is one of the easiest types of garden lighting. They are easy to install, consume less
energy, and cheap. The lighting is also creating an ambiance in the garden easily. As rope lights
are also easy to shape, you can apply the lighting on trees and hedges.

11. Wrapping Branches ant Trunks with Rope Lights

Wrapping Branches ant Trunks with Rope Lights

Create an amazing looks in your garden by wrapping the branch and trunks of the trees with
colorful rope lights. Use a different color of rope lights to amuse the guests. The more trees you
can decorate, the more magnificent looks you can put in the garden.

To make your garden looks like a place in a fairytale, place wonderful decoration there. Let the
guest enjoy their imagination during the party you held in the garden.

12. Crossing Rope Light

Crossing Rope Light

As the sun begins to set, string lights create a beautiful effect like the twilight. A darker place
will enhance the existed dramatic. The amazing string of lights can make a romantic atmosphere
in a simple way.

Place some string light on a tree, and then running them to the different surrounding trees. The
minimalist outdoor rope light idea will make your garden more interesting.

13. Wrapping Tree with Rope Lights

Wrapping Tree with Rope Lights

Palm tree makes tremendous subjects due to their distinctive shapes. Wrapping the palm tree
branch with rope lights will give a festive look to the backyard. Mix different colors of lights and
wind to palm trees.

That is an interesting idea for an outdoor party in the backyard, beach, or garden. By wrapping
the palm trees, people can recognize the area for the party at night, so they will not go to the
wrong place.

14. Create a Glittering Garden

Create a Glittering Garden

If you have a hedge in front of the yard, make them more fantastic by weaving string lights
among the branches. The cool white exterior rope lights will look at of snow. It is perfect for
winter-themed decoration.

Combine the glittering lights with rope lights hanging above the hedge. The combination of rope
lights can make a beautiful and amazing look to your front yard. For other different effect, you
can choose the other colors like yellow, green, or red.

Outdoor Rope Light Ideas for Exterior Elements

The next outdoor rope light ideas are exterior elements lightings like pool, stairs, and walkway.
Adding rope lights to the elements a good idea to make great outdoor decorations for the party.

15. Rope Lights in the Umbrella

Rope Lights in the Umbrella

Instead of using candles for dinner lighting, rope lights installation can be an alternative to make
your dinner table unique. The splendid light from the umbrella gives an extra romantic feeling. It
will give special lighting and make a different look to the surrounding.

The rope light decoration is also suitable for your café's outdoor space, rest area beside the
swimming pool, or the gathering place in the garden.

16. Rope Lights to Highlight Walkway

Rope Lights to Highlight Walkway

The walkways and sides of pavements are important yard's elements. Use rope lights to highlight
the side of them to welcome the guests. Create the proper lighting so they can see space for

Rope lighting around the walkway also helps people find their path and right way to enter your
backyard. It is a good idea to make a border so that people do not accidentally step on the grass
or pebbles in the garden.

17. Pathway Lighting

Pathway Lighting

It must be difficult to see pathways in the dark, so try to give extra illumination using a set of
rope lights. Placing rope lights around the pathways will make your yard more welcoming and

The best choice is the waterproof rope lights so water splash and rain will not influence them.
The lighting is much advisable for pathways on the side of the pool, so people can see the

18. Festival Rope Lights

Festival Rope Lights

Make an interesting festival-like tent effect using string lights to make a pleasant decoration in
your garden. Place some string lights from the top part of a tall pole or already stand-mast and
running them to the ground, so you have a tent made out of lights.

It will be more interesting if you put some mystery boxes with a prize inside for your guests.

19. Rope Lighting for Stairs

Rope Lighting for Stairs

Stairs are elements in outdoor, which you should decorate with lights. Not only to make them
look beautiful, but also make your outdoor space safer. Light from the lamp sometimes not
enough to show the line between a stair to the others, so it can make people fallen.

Placing a straight rope light in every level of stairs will give the perfect lighting in overall
decoration. Make sure you secure and fit the lighting properly to prevent any tripping.

20. Surround your Lovely Garden with Rope Lights

Surround your Lovely Garden with Rope Lights

Colorful flowers are beautiful in the day. Nevertheless, you can still show the beauty of flowers
in the garden during the night party. By using rope lights decoration, your flowers and greenery
look attractive and more dramatic.

Place rope lights around the small groups of flowers and plants, so you will find the garden more
wonderful in the night. The lighting makes it easy when you want to make a border area between
the garden and walkway.

21. Colorful Swimming Pool Rope Light

Colorful Swimming Pool Rope Light

You can change an old-school swimming pool into a modern and attractive pool. Place more
than one rope light color around the pool. Aside from lightening the area, colorful rope lights can
create outdoor ambiance and beauty as the lights blink across the water.

The decoration is suitable for an outdoor party near the swimming pool and your night
swimming activity every day. You can add the light during or after its construction. The rope
lights added to offer better lighting coverage than the spotlight in the pool.

22. Roof Accent Rope Lights

Roof Accent Rope Lights

Rope lights can give cooler look on your house's roof. The lighting is good to use when you are
ready to take a rest or after the party is over. Blue rope lights create a cool and beautiful effect
against the dark sky.

The blue light also results in a magical look ambiance, especially in the twilight. You can also
pick the changeable rope lights operated by remote control or automatic timer to get a more
interesting view.

23. Rope Light for Handrail

Rope Light for Handrail

Handrail is a part of patio, which you can decorate, based on your creativity. To make the
lighting safe for handling, place the rope lights inside a clear pipe or place bare rope lights
underneath the handrail.

Different colors of rope lights can give a more beautiful look on your handrails.
Rope lights can be a great option to make a different look in your space. You can explore so
many types and creations of rope light. Try the different style of rope lights decoration for any

You have reached the bottom of this page. After viewing all of the inspirations above, I hope that
the outdoor rope light ideas can help increase your creativity in creating wonderful lighting and
decoration for your events. Thank you for reading and happy designing!

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