20+ Enchanting Tropical Garden Ideas

Many people are like to spend their weekends or spare time just by enjoying nature. While some prefer to go outside and doing outdoor activities, others tend to relax at home. That is why the second group of people is tending to search tropical garden ideas to decorate their garden. 

Gardening becomes one of the favorite activities at home. Not only decrease stress level, but you can also beautify your home by gardening. One of the most popular garden styles is tropical. Talk about the tropical garden, this garden style will give a different atmosphere at your home. 

Moreover, green leafy plants will make you feel comfortable, relax and peaceful. Furthermore, there are several points you should consider before build or create your tropical garden. The first is the type of plants. Not all plants are suitable to create a tropical look. 

You can use some plants that will make your garden look tropical, such as hoyas or known as the waxflower, banana plants, the traveler palms, bird paradise that looks like a bird’s beak, ferns, papaya tree, orchids that will make your garden look fabulous and enchanting.

Moreover, to make the garden look attractive, you need to select the plants based on the leaf size and its color. Do not only concern about the plant, but you should also consider the water. As commons knowledge, the leafy plants need more water. 

That is why you should think carefully about the water source to keep the plants fresh and still alive. You can shower the garden twice a day to keep the garden green. Talk about the water, many tropical gardens often completed with the element water such as a pond or water fountain.

To help you build or create your dream tropical garden, it is okay to look up several tropical garden ideas below!

The All Green Tropical Garden

When you want to create the green tropical garden, all you need is the green leafy plants. You can put like banana plants, which will fulfill the area and make your garden look dense. Do not forget to create the perfect layers to add a lush touch. 

Adding some lower plants such as monstera will make the low layer of the garden look more attractive with its split-leaf. Moreover, you also can add some lower plants such as ferns that will create a full look. 

This kind of tropical garden idea is also suitable for the backyard garden idea. Besides, you can also put the lamp under the traveler’s palms!

The Secret Green Tropical Garden Ideas

tropical garden idea

Do you like to have a deep conversation with your mate while enjoying the sunny day? This tropical garden idea is the best choice for you. In your deck or backyard, you can build the garden at a certain height. 

To create a shady and calming atmosphere, you can put the banana plants or traveler’s palms, which will protect you from the sunlight. As the lower layer, you can put the green plants with the wide leaves to make it look dense and lush. 

Next, you can build simple outdoor concrete and wood bench. Complete it with the cushion.

Purple Tropical Garden Ideas

Another tropical garden idea you can consider the reference is the purple. The purple plants can make your garden look wider. 

As a reference, you can use vista savia, which has the middle height. You can use this plant to fill the middle layer too. The other option is a heliothrope that will make the lower layer looks more luxurious. 

One thing you should notice when you choose this garden idea is you should combine the purple plan with the green or yellow plants too.

The Simple White Pot Tropical Garden Ideas

This idea is suitable for you who do not have enough space to build your medium or a big tropical garden. By putting the tropical plants inside the concrete pot, you can create a tropical spot at your home. 

Place the pots in the corner of the backyard or the front yard. To make the spot looks wider, you can do the little trick by using the white pot in a different size. Besides, you can place a wooden panel on the wall to add a simple and modest touch.

The East Asia Tropical Garden Ideas

As we know that bamboo is one of the plants that have cultural value. Especially for the Asians who consider the bamboo plant as the sacred plants and often associated with symbolizing the grace and the strength. 

That is why many Asians tend to plant the bamboo around their house. Talk about the tropical garden ideas, sometimes, you also get the recommendation to plant bamboo. Not the big one, you can choose the Dendrocalamus minor bamboo, which has a smaller size than the common bamboo. 

Besides, you can plant the bamboo in the ceramics pot and put it in the deck or balcony.  

Indoor Tropical Garden Ideas

Tropical garden idea

Who says you cannot get your indoor garden? Nowadays, the indoor garden is the most favorite garden style to decorate the house differently. Usually, the placement of the indoor garden is not far from the deck or the balcony to ease its maintenance and to keep the plants gets the sunlight properly. 

If you want to have this tropical garden idea, the potted plants will be the most appropriate reference, such as the alocasia, which has a wide leaf and can fill the top or middle layer. 

You can choose another plant like the Ti which known as the beautiful tropical plants which consist of two different colors in red and green and make your garden look denser. While to add the middle layer, zamia is the best plant to choose from.

The Backyard Tropical Garden

If you ever traveled to some countries in Asia, you will find the palm trees easily in many spots. That is why putting the palm trees in your tropical garden is also a great idea. One thing you should consider is the type of palm tree that you will choose. 

To create a dense and lush tropical garden, especially which compatible with your wooden backyard styles are the dypsis and chamaerops. These two types of palms trees are easy to buy and you can even put those plants on the pot. 

If you have small areas in your backyard, this type of palm trees also able to plant directly in the soil. To make your garden look varies; you can add the others type of tropical plants such as orchids or maybe fern.

The Wet Rainforest Style

tropical garedn idea

The other tropical garden ideas you can try at home is the wet rainforest style. To create it, you just need to make your plants look dense and lush by putting many plants from the low to the top layer. 

Besides, you can combine it with arranging a varnished wooden deck or floor to make it look wet. Moreover, you can add colorful plants to make it look fabulous and less mystique.

The Intimate Garden 

intimate garden ideas

Do you want to have an atmosphere like in the tropical cottage you have visited last holiday? Just look at this tropical garden idea. By planting the green leafy plants beside the pathway to your house, you magically change the scene of your garden. 

To make it look more intimate, you can put some lantern on the edge of the pathway.

The Simple Greeny Garden Ideas

Change your terrace into a tropical scene is the best idea to create different styles at your home. By build a small pond in front of the terrace and decorate it with the stone. After the pond, you can change the rest of the available land into a small park filled with grass and greenery. 

Do not forget to build a pathway across the terrace and a small park with a wide natural stone or you can change it with a concrete pathway.

The Water Lily Garden

tropical garden idea

Build a pond in your garden is the other best idea to create a tropical look. By putting some water lilies in the pod and decorate it with the low green plants around, will change your garden look more enchanting and refreshing. You can add the palm trees near the pathway to give shady touch.

The Natural Style

If you ever explore the natural sites in tropical countries, you will find the common stone pathway. This kind of pathway is the natural pathway built by the villagers by putting the mountain or river stone nearby. 

You can apply this refreshing panoramic as your tropical garden idea. Just put the stone pathway or cement looks like the stone pathway and decorate it with the various green leafy plants. You can add some small corals around the plants too.

The Woven Tropical Spot

If you do not have enough space in your terrace or backyard, do not worry. By placing the ferns or palms tree in the woven pot, you can create your tropical garden in your favorite spots. Besides, this type of small garden has easy maintenance just by spray the water routinely.

The Monstera Corner

The other tropical garden ideas you can try at home is the monstera corner. Monstera is the most popular tropical plant nowadays. Not only use as the photo properties, but you can also plant and decorate your favorite corner with monstera. This idea is very suitable for minimalist house design.

The Refreshing Book Corner

Refreshing Book Corner ideas

Build a mini garden indoor is not an impossible thing. You can even build your tropical mini garden above your bookcase. Different from the other tropical garden ideas, which focused to create a dense and lush look, it is advisable to put some potted plants. 

The ones that do not need a lot of water are recommendable, so you can keep it fresh just by spraying routinely.

The Simple Hanging Wall Garden

hanging wall garden ideas

Having a small space at your home is not a hitch to build a tropical garden. You can put wire panels in the wall and hang some small potted green leafy plants on it. Choose the plants which do not need a lot of water and choose the wall exposed by the sunlight.

Colorful Tropical Wall Garden

wall garden ideas

To keep your wall in a good way and prevent the moss on it, you can hang some potted tropical plants. It will be better if you use a colored pot only to make it look simple and aesthetic. These garden wall ideas are also can be creative to arrange it.

The Shady and Mystique Style

Shady and Mystique garden ideas

Some of the people are like to create a shady and mystiques atmosphere at their home. This kind of situation can be a great idea to create a different and unique tropical garden. The key is to put many green leaf plants among the low to the top layers. Make it dense and lush. 

To add the bright touch to balance this style, you can spread the white coral stones in the ground and put some wooden items.

The Bright Tropical Garden Ideas

Bright Tropical Garden

Even the tropical garden focus to make the garden looks dense and lush; you are still able to show the bright vibes on it. Just choose the colorful plants or flowery tropical plants to add in your garden. Besides, you need to focus on the lower layer only to make it look clean and neat.

The Tropical Pergola

tropical pergola ideas

Do you have a pergola? That is great! You can decorate the pergola with the beautiful hanging tropical plants and add the hanging lobster-claw plants above the pergola after that. To make it denser, you can add the medium height flowery tropical plant under the pergola.

The Tropical Orchid Style

Tropical Orchid garden

Are you bored with the green tropical garden? You can make it look more colorful by replacing the green leafy plants with several types of orchids. Remember that you need a sturdy wooden tree as the place to stick the orchid. 

Choose the potted type of orchids and change the pot with the coconut shell. To complete the look, you can also combine the orchids with the type of potted small bamboo.

After knowing the tropical garden ideas above, which one is the most suitable to build at your home? Do not forget to do the routine maintenance to keep your tropical garden fresh.

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