12 Type of Garages

Ever wonder what type of garage you should have? Read this article which breaks down the different types in detail and covers every aspect from style to size.

Your garage is the first impression you get when coming home. This guide will help outline all of your options to make sure it’s a beautiful one!

Polyethylene Garage

Bring your outdoor equipment indoors with the help of this garage! This heavy-duty steel frame will keep it safe from strong winds and bad weather. Even if a small hole does form in one spot, you don’t have to worry about it getting worse because all of our seams are heat welded together for maximum durability.

Portico Garage

This breezeway is the perfect solution for those who prefer a detached garage but still want to reap all of the benefits that come with an attached one. You can easily build this addition on your property and it comes in many different styles, from just providing you with shelter when walking back home or enclosing everything around it!

Barn Garage

Barn garages are a great option for people who want the convenience of storage space and also enjoy having an attached garage. The loft provides plenty of room to store your belongings, which can be tough in some homes with limited flooring area.

Garage Workshop

If you find yourself spending more time on your car than at home, then this might be the place for you. A mechanic’s garage is a workspace that has everything needed to fix vehicles and store any tools or equipment. The best part about it? They generally have bay doors so cars can easily drive in and out of them!

Detached Garage

The convenience of an unattached garage has never been easier! With the ability to match exterior siding, not only will your home be unique but so will your storage space. The multiple options for finishes means that you can create a garage with character as well as one which matches its surroundings beautifully.

Attached Garage

Unprecedented growth in the number of people who live with their cars has led to a boom in garage construction. Instead of using garages for storing one car, homeowners have started building three- and four-car garages so that they can store more vehicles without cluttering up space inside or outside of their home.

The trend is attributed not only to an increase in urban living but also suburbanites as well; single family homes are being built on smaller lots than before which allows room for large storage areas beneath them too.

Single Bay Garage

Moving into a new home is stressful enough, but when you are faced with the decision of what size garage to have built, it can be even worse. A single-wide garage will only fit your car and some storage items on either side which might not work for you if there’s anything else that needs space like an office or workshop area.

Vinyl Plastic Garage

Imagine if you could have your own personal garage that can be built to meet all of the needs for storing and maintaining a vehicle. These DIY garages are inexpensive, durable, weatherproof and low maintenance; they’re also great space savers!

Metal Garage

A metal roof will not only protect your investment from the harmful effects of water, but it also stands up to weather and corrosion better than any other materials. It is sturdy enough that you can store expensive cars or outdoor equipment without worrying about them being damaged by rainwater or corrosive agents in our everyday environment. Get a quote today for installing a durable metal-roofing system on your property!

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