9 Types of Trampoline Ideas

Trampolines are a blast and the invention is enjoyed by everyone. No matter what country you’re from, trampoline jumping has been an activity that many people have loved for years.

George Nissen invented the trampoline in 1934, and ever since it’s been used for all sorts of activities. It was first a part of circuses when people would jump on them to perform acrobatic tricks; then during World War II they were called “Ozalid” or “battlefield gymnastics.” Trampolining became an Olympic event in 2000 because its inclusion promoted peace between countries with different abilities living side-by-side. And finally, at NASA astronauts use small versions as training tools!

Octagonal Trampolines

The octagonal trampoline is a staple in the backyard of many homeowners and commercial facilities for good reason. With plenty of room to bounce up, down, left or right – it’s perfect if you want to have more than one person bouncing at once!

Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are by far the most popular type of trampoline because they allow people to bounce higher and with greater ease. They can be used for both indoor or outdoor play, but round ones may not have as much give when being played on hard surfaces like wood floors (which is why you’ll often see them inside). These types of tramps come in many sizes so it should be easy enough to find one that will work best depending on your needs.

Mini Trampolines

Mini trampolines are just one of the many ways that people exercise and stay in shape. Some jump on these to improve their agility, others use them for practice with gymnastics events while some compete using mini tramps as well.

Rectangular Trampolines

People use rectangular trampolines often because they have a different bounce pattern and are preferred by professionals. These models may also be preferable for people who don’t have much space to work with as they come in smaller sizes, making them easier to maneuver around the room when necessary.

Water Trampolines

Completely different than other types of trampolines, water trampoline pads are inflatable and designed to propel people into the air. Jumping onto a pad that is often large in size can provide recreation for many hours and an exciting experience unlike any other you have tried before.

Square Trampolines

Square trampolines offer a good bridge for beginners who are interested in jumping on something circular or rectangular. These will be perfect if you want to train and have some fun, but don’t need the more expensive square models that come with all of the bells and whistles.

Caged Trampolines

Trampolines are a great way to release some energy. They can provide hours of fun for people both young and old but unfortunately they have the potential to cause injuries too, especially if you get catapulted off onto hard ground below or something else that could hurt your body in an unfortunate accident.

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