A Guide to Know Why So Many Crows All of a Sudden

You may be currently curious to know why so many crows all of a sudden around your yard. These feral birds can be a nuisance.

Apart from feasting on food waste, they could destroy fruits, flowers, and even crops. This is why I suggest removing them immediately.

Crows are certainly intelligent and alert birds. They always use their mistakes as a learning experience. These incredible features make them such resilient creatures. No wonder they’re very difficult to drive away.

Undoubtedly, crows are very social feral birds. You’ll hardly notice a single crow moving around. Normally, they fly around in flocks. Furthermore, a murder of crows typically gathers in waste collection areas or around landfills.

Since the crows’ issue in the garden can be serious, many yard owners look for techniques to resolve it. If you plan on getting rid of crows, then read on to see my awesome solutions to them.

The Characters of Crows

Before you understand why so many crows all of a sudden, I’ll explain their unique characters first. Probably, a murder of crows in your garden is just a family. Moreover, they love to take care of one another.

The young crows will look after their younger siblings before breeding on their own. In addition, these birds work in a mob for scaring their harmful prey off.

A crow might occupy another’s territory. When that occurs, apart from bonding together, they’re going to defend themselves.

Crows are great at mitigating the crawly and insect populations in the lawn. Moreover, a family of crows can munch on over 40,000 grubs, insects, worms, or caterpillars within just a nesting period.

Also, crows play a crucial role in distributing seeds. They often bring seeds from a certain place to another. In addition, these birds love to eat carrion. That means they help the natural cleanup process.

The crows cawing non-stop certainly can be annoying. They could damage your crops and other things in the garden. If you threw lots of food scraps away, chances are these birds will fly around your yard.

Why So Many Crows All of a Sudden?

Crows visit your area because they find it very attractive. However, if these birds get nothing, they’ll move to other spots.

For example, if leftovers are lying in the compost bin, crows will definitely come to it. Pet food, trash, and common food items in the yard that you gave to other wild animals can attract crows.

You must take proper steps to ensure that the crows don’t have access to the food sources in your garden. There are several effective techniques to prevent them from going into the yard.

Speaking of why so many crows all of a sudden, you might wonder why do crows gather in the morning. These feral birds congregate in trees at dusk because they exchange information.

Crows that roost close together normally will leave together at dusk. Furthermore, they’ll fly in the same direction.

Why Are the Crows Going Crazy in Urban Areas?

Many people ask me why so many crows all of a sudden in urban settlements. Apart from woodlands, gardens, orchards, and farmlands, they call cities their homes.

Crows simply need a safe and quiet place to set up their nests and forage for food. Their population increased greatly during the European colonization of North America. These birds multiply considerably with urbanization.

As I mentioned earlier, crows are extremely social animals. During the winter months, they’ll roost in different areas across the city. Moreover, crows that dwell in colder areas will join their nearby friends.

Crows love roosting in their communities since they provide great protection. This certainly could offer urban people a negative impact.

However, if you live in the city, don’t remove them inhumanely. I recommend tackling the issue safely and humanely. You can find lots of crows in the urban settlements with ease. Even they roost near the busy city’s edges.

Back to why so many crows all of a sudden in the cities, they do so because humans create a proper habitat for them along with plenty of food.

Also, crows normally don’t be afraid of getting shot in the cities. Moreover, urban areas typically provide lots of tall trees for them.

The large pavements and big buildings in urban areas give crows a warmer temperature. Meanwhile, the artificial lighting makes them feel safer.

This might be surprising, but crows normally roost in the same spots for many years or decades. Furthermore, in one location of New York, some crows have been roasting for more than 125 years.

The number of crows in a community can vary. It typically ranges from several thousand to only a few hundred.

Why So Many Crows All of a Sudden – Getting Rid of Them

If you’re coping with a crow problem currently, then give these humane solutions a chance. They will prevent those pesky birds from entering your garden.

1. Remove Water Sources and Food Scraps

If there are water and food sources in your garden, crows will surely come into it. You must eliminate the items that they consider edible.

Speaking of why so many crows all of a sudden, you shouldn’t add birdbaths or large bird feeders to the yard. Also, I suggest clearing away a dog or cat kibble.

It’s important not to leave the trash lying around the garden. Remember that they can tear plastic bags open with ease.

The leftovers in the compost will invite crows into the garden. They like weeding through the compost in search of insects and worms. Be sure to properly cover it up. You can also bury the food scraps under leaf clippings or grass.

I recommend using a conventional garden cover, so the crows won’t gather around the compost. Moreover, you should reduce berry bushes or fruit trees in your garden because they can provide food sources for crows.

2. Use Feeders for Small Birds

Talking about why so many crows all of a sudden, consider adding a small bird feeder to the yard. It will give you tons of benefits.

Seeing songbirds flying around your garden is definitely a relaxing experience. However, keep in mind that the crows can steal their food.

You need to install feeders that exclude crows. I strongly recommend investing in an automatic bird feeder. When bigger birds sit on the feeder, it will automatically close.

Another option is purchasing a wire mesh feeder for songbirds. Don’t forget to remove any spillage under it.

Don’t wait any longer unless you want things to get worse. Clean the spillage under your songbird feeder once a week.

Speaking of why so many crows all of a sudden, removing all the food scraps is challenging. However, eliminating the available food sources for them seems more doable. If you do so, they’ll definitely migrate to other areas.

3. Always Cover the Garbage Bin

When it comes to why so many crows all of a sudden, keep them from invading your property by covering the garbage bin properly. It becomes a huge attraction for those birds.

If you regularly throw the garbage away in the bin without covering it, don’t be surprised to have crows eating any food items there.

Crows are omnivores. Apart from munching on insects, they’ll eat the garbage. That’s why you must cover the bin appropriately. Purchase a bin that boasts a locking lid. Then, place it in a secure spot.

Moreover, you need to seal the bags of the garbage well before putting them in the bin. If the raccoons or neighbor’s dogs have turned it upside down, then remove the food traces immediately. This ensures that crows don’t get any food sources.

4. Feed the Pets Indoors

Many pet owners put their cats’ or dog’s food bowls outdoors. I suggest you feed your adorable pets indoors. Once they’ve enjoyed their food, remove it from the bowls.

Talking about why so many crows all of a sudden, it happens because you place the food bowls of your pets outside. They surely attract bothersome crows.

Actually, this is a pretty simple issue to cope with. You must feed your dogs or cats indoors. Also, do not leave any type of food outside.

5. Install Motion-Sensor Sprinklers

When discussing why so many crows all of a sudden, some people decide to drive them away using the motion-sensor sprinklers. They can keep insects, pests, and feral birds out of the garden.

As the name implies, they shoot water towards moving objects after detecting through the motion-activated sensors. Normally, they employ night and day detection modes.

This Orbit motion-sensor sprinkler, for instance, responds to any detected motion. It instantly sprinkles water to scare the crows off. The water spray is obviously harmless. However, it can be irritating enough to them.

Why So Many Crows All of a Sudden – Dealing with Large Crow Roosts

Speaking of why so many crows all of a sudden, be prepared to deal with large crow roosts. They can be a major issue, especially if they migrate to undesirable areas.

There are a few remarkable techniques you can employ. Relocating big crow roosts is certainly easier when they have not settled in a specific area.

If those birds have occupied the area for several seasons, getting rid of them can be more difficult. I recommend combining different techniques for an effective strategy.

These methods will help you relocate the crow roots. Also, the methods convince them that your area isn’t suitable for them anymore.

You can try several options out. Here are some truly simple but effective techniques to keeping larger crow roosts at bay.

1. Use Special Lasers

Talking about why so many crows all of a sudden, try using a few lasers. You can find them easily since they are available on the market.

All you have to do is firing these automatic lasers at crows. The lasers will harass those feral birds, thus they cannot establish in one place.

If you do this regularly, I guarantee the crows will realize that your yard is not an ideal place for them. Sooner or later, they’ll eventually migrate to somewhere tranquil, so they don’t get disturbed.

2. Make Loud Noises

After understanding why so many crows all of a sudden, you must find techniques to scare them away. I recommend playing distress calls. Those birds are afraid of their friends’ distress signals.

The distress calls will stop annoying crows from entering the garden for good. You can get different distress calls online. Blare the calls on your speaker to successfully keep them out of the property.

You do not need to continuously repeat the distress calls. Only play them for about 5 minutes every day, and then you’re good to go.

3. Hang the Effigies

One of the most radical techniques you can try is hanging effigies or fake dead crows all around your area. They will make the annoying crows get very nervous instantly.

You can purchase fake dead crow models at local prop stores. Apart from them, there are other scary-looking ornamental pieces for Halloween.

These effigies can work as a warning for crows. After seeing the fake dead birds, they will move away immediately.

4. Use Pyrotechnics

Talking about why so many crows all of a sudden, some people may suggest you use fireworks to deter them.

Instead of launching fireworks and causing a nuisance in your neighborhood, consider using pyrotechnics to repel crows.

Essentially, these are the makers of loud noises. In addition, they sound exactly like fireworks. However, they won’t create unwanted negative effects.

Be considerate of your neighbors. You must kindly alert them before shooting off any pyrotechnics. Remember that they produce quite high sounds.

Pyrotechnics can keep crows away from the yard. If you plan on using them, tell your neighbors that you’ll make such noises to scare the crows off. Don’t forget to schedule your plan thoroughly.

You have known why so many crows all of a sudden. It’s time to fend off them. Since crows are relatively more intelligent than the average birds, I recommend implementing different techniques. Good luck with your efforts!

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