21 Clever Backyard Duck Pond Ideas You can Build Yourself

Keep your duck happy with water! If you are a duck keeper, you must have known that ducks love swimming and playing in the water. If you do not have your lake, do not worry because the backyard duck pond will work well.

Ponds are a water feature to keep plants and fish, but it is perfect for ducks too. Ducks will not complain about the size of the pond as long as they can float on it and dunk their head.

Keep on reading these 21 clever backyard duck-pond ideas you can build yourself to find what design of backyard duck pond suits your ducks and your yard.

1. Floating House

Floating House

Ducks love water, so it would be better to keep them close with a pond just like this one. The pond is right under their home, but they will not fall into it as they are walking out. A bamboo-slopping walk connects them to the pond and a bridge offers a way to the land.

This is such a clever idea to keep this lovely creature near the water.

2. Bathtub Backyard Duck Pond

Bathtub Backyard Duck Pond

Do you have an old freestanding bathtub, which is no longer used? Just turn it into a backyard duck pond. A freestanding tub has a quite big size that can fit for several ducks.

Add a ramp so they can climb to the pond. Remember that they do not live in the water; they need to exit the tub, so make sure you provide a ledge to allow them to go out of the pond.

3. Pond with a Small Island

Pond with a Small Island

If you have nothing to use as a duck pond, you can dig a lake pond for them. It takes a lot of effort and time, but it is worth the result.

You need to dig a quiet deep hole and leave a small green land in the middle. Line the hole with tough plastic before filling it with water.

4. Simple Waterfall Backyard Duck Pond

Simple Waterfall Backyard Duck Pond

If you want an easily installed pond, you can try this backyard duck pond ideas. You can make it by simply putting a poly stock tank into a dug hole then covering the edge with rocks.

However, you need to measure the pond well so it can rest perfectly in the hole. Another thing you should pay attention to is to add water in the pond before filling its bend with soil. This is to avoid the pond moving due to the earth’s pressure.

For the waterfall feature, you need to move some soil over the large pond to create two mountains of earth. Next, just set the two containers in a place and fill them with water.

5. Galvanized Tank

Galvanized Tank

A large galvanized water tank is a great choice for a bunch of ducks. They would love to swim together and dunk their heads in the water.

If the tank is quite tall, you need to dig a hole to drown a little of it so the ducks can enter and exit easily as they please. Otherwise, you should provide something to support them get in and get out.

6. Backyard Kano Pond

Backyard Kano Pond

A canoe in the backyard, why not? Although you have no plan for touring with a canoe, you can use it for another purpose, for instance as a pond for ducks.

If you do not want to spend your time digging, you can use a canoe instead. It is not only easy to install, but also gives a unique view in the backyard. Place it near high stones so that the ducks can get in and out easily.

7. Twins Waterfalls Pound

Twins Waterfalls Pound

No matter how small and simple a duck pond is, the ducks will never complain. However, if you want to create an artistic focal point in the backyard, you can make this twin waterfalls duck pond.

You can start by choosing the place for this pond. A place under trees will be better to serve a shading place for the ducks. Once you have decided the point, start by digging a hole in certain depth, and then line it with pond liner.

To cover the pond liner, add plenty of stone rivers. This way will create a natural look as well. Lay natural rocks on top of one another to frame the pond. Do not forget to put waterfall spill rocks on the right and left side for the twin waterfalls.

8. White Line Backyard Duck Pond

White Line Backyard Duck Pond

This duck pond looks so pretty among the green grass. Its contras color creates beautiful dissimilarity. White coral sea pebbles line along the pond. Some green plants look growing well among the pebbles.

Place a few ornaments on the edge will complete the pond. The pond size is big enough for several ducks and ducklings.

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9. Boomerang Pond

Boomerang Pond

Many ponds are available in stores, in case you want a quick installation for your dock pond. Nevertheless, if you want to be a little creative with the shape, you should build your duck pond.

Before digging a hole for a pond, always adjust the shape and size of the pond you are going to create with the size of the place you spotted.

This pond’s shape is quite easy to follow because it curves a boomerang shape. So grab your tool and dig out the soil until you get the shape you want. Make sure it is deep enough even after the stones construct the pond.

Place the pond liner and cover it with stones. Once you have done, pour mortar on the edge of the pond. This is to secure the liner and as the base for the slabs. The last, attach the slabs over the mortar and dry before filling the pond with water.

10. Simple DIY Backyard Duck Pond

Simple DIY Backyard Duck Pond

A group of ducks seems to enjoy floating on a pond in front of their house. From afar, it looks like many eggs surround the pond. Sadly, it is just pebbles with an oval shape.

Big size stones on the edge of the pond secure the rough plastic, which keeps the water inside. Meanwhile, the plant next to the house makes this duck area becomes more alive. Add duck fence to keep them safe from predators.

11. Aquatic Backyard Duck Pond

Aquatic Backyard Duck Pond

If you have a large backyard, you should consider building this pond. The presence o this natural-like pool will serve a great place for your ducks to play. It offers water for wildlife as well.

Many trees surround the pond and provide a shading place. This can be a good place for chilling out or recreation.

12. Rusty Backyard Duck Pond

Rusty Backyard Duck Pond

The outer side of a pond is not crucial for ducks. They will jump even into a rusty pond, which is an aged bathtub. Bathtub eases you in maintaining the water since it has a drainage hole, which allows you to spill out the water and clean the pond easily.

Repurposing an old bathtub can also be economical, especially for those who are on a tight budget. You just need to add a ramp to facilitate them entering the pond.

13. Under Bridge Backyard Duck Pond

Under Bridge Backyard Duck Pond

Backyard duck ponds tend towards being simple and minimalist. However, if you are trying to find a way to impress your guests with a duck pond, this extraordinary pond is necessary to try.

A ton of pebbles surrounds this pond and divides the water from the ground while stone rivers are stacked on top of one another to keep the trees. A wooden bridge connects the duck coop with the green land next to the pond.

14. Rustic Waterfall Duck Pond

Rustic Waterfall Duck Pond

When you have some ducks, building a water feature in the backyard is like killing two birds with a stone. It beautifies the backyard and provides a pond for your ducks to dunk their heads.

The size does not have to be large, like this one. It is just a minimalist circular pond with rustic waterfall constructed from bricks. Dark pebbles cover the entire area of this pond, making it a focal point in the yard.

15. Pond on Duck Coop

Pond on Duck Coop

Suburban duck keepers usually get trouble with the backyard space. Lack of space forces them to be creative with a duck pond.

This duck pond might be the solution to your problem. Built inside the fence near the duck coop, the pond uses a quite small space. With this pond idea, you will save more space in the backyard and give your duck a safe place to play on the water.

16. Duckponic


There are not many people know the benefits of ducks for the plants. It is probably because they sometimes break the plants by stepping on it. However, with the right system, you can utilize a duck pond to help your plants to grow faster.

This is one of the examples. The owner built a coop-like pond with some pots of plants above it. One ramp helps them to reach the pond and the other helps them to climb on the deck.

By considering every facility the duck might need, this pond has been a favorite place for them.

17. Sea Pond

Sea Pond

Do you have ducklings? Then it would be better to have a pond which allows you to adjust the volume of the water. Unlike duck, a few-weeks old duckling is not yet able to swim in a deep pond, so it is better to do a little swim introduction to them.

This container looks cute with the ocean theme. Just like a friendly pool for kids. It is portable so you can move it anywhere you want. You can fill it full of water when the swimming time for ducks is coming and just add a little water for the duckling.

Besides portable, this kind of pond is low maintenance. You can clean it easily. However, when the ducklings are growing old, they will not fit there anymore.

18. DIY No-Dig Backyard Duck Pond

DIY No-Dig Backyard Duck Pond

You can make this raised duck pond without getting your hands dirty of digging the soil. It needs a little effort and some supplies like some pieces of boards, raised bed brackets, furring strips, and pond liner.

Start it by constructing the frame using the boards and raised bed brackets. It can be at any size you want for your duck pond.

Next, spread your liner over the frame well. Leave about 3ft of the liner overlapping over each side. Neat the overlapping liner then secure it with furring strips.

19. Tier Backyard Duck Pond

Tier Backyard Duck Pond

Making a beautiful pond does take time no matter what the size is or what materials are. One of many examples of beautiful duck pond you should try is this tier pond. By collecting natural stones, tiers, and plastic, you can get this stunning tier pond. It requires a little effort though.

First, you need to get your hand dirty by digging a hole for the tier. Get the edge of the tier cut then put it in the hole. Flatten the soil and take off anything, which can tear the plastic.

Next, spread the plastic in and close the outer edge back. Take your collecting stones and put them orderly around the pond until the wire is unseen. The last, add some plants on the ledge and fill it up with water.

20. Blue Backyard Duck Pond

Blue Backyard Duck Pond

This blue pond looks glaring under the sunlight. Its small size allows only a few ducks to get into the pool and swimming. A ramp in the pool provides a way for the ducks to exit the pond once they get in.

This pond is portable, so you can clean it every time the ducks finish swimming. To fill it with water, you need to connect a hose to the faucet, or you can fill it manually by yourself.

21. Natural Rocks Pond

Natural Rocks Pond

The natural big stones create a pathway that leads you to the pond where three ducks seem to enjoy floating on this water. Water flows smoothly from the higher land to the pond and a gentle waterfall on the opposite side show how relaxing this place is. Different colors of ground blend perfectly creating a unique pond area.

Those are 21 clever backyard duck pond ideas you can build yourself. I hope that you have found which idea suits your yard.

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